Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Defeating Iranian Regime’s Diplomatic Blackmail 

maryam rajavi italy meeting

In a span of just three weeks, the Iranian Resistance has managed to deliver three significant shocks to the entrenched clerical regime. The resistance movement has orchestrated a series of impactful events that have rattled the regime and garnered international attention.

The last move was Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s invitation to the Italian Parliament, where she met with Senators and representatives from opposing political parties. The event took place in the parliament’s renowned hall and was broadcast on the country’s main TV network. The regime, caught off guard by this development, resorted to political and security threats against Italy. However, the Iranian Resistance enjoyed substantial support from the majority of the country’s Senate and Parliament, rendering the regime’s attempts ineffective. Italy’s Minister of Foreign Affairs dismissed Tehran’s rhetoric and reminded the regime that Italy is a democracy, further shocking the clerical dictatorship.

These significant developments, coupled with the regime’s recent wave of attacks on the French government, only serve to underscore the NCRI as the foremost threat to the regime’s survival. Since the nationwide uprising in September 2022, some Iranian celebrities and media influencers transformed into political activists overnight, seeking support and recognition in Italy. Despite the media attention they received, neither the Italian establishment nor the regime took their efforts seriously, let alone summoning Italy’s ambassador or threatening the country.

It is important to note that Mrs. Rajavi’s visit to Rome and the subsequent reaction from the regime did not occur in isolation. It followed a series of setbacks for the clerical regime, starting with its failed attempts to prevent the Iranian Resistance’s annual gathering in July.

For months, the regime’s diplomatic arm under Ebrahim Raisi’s government had been aggressively blackmailing the West with nuclear extortion and the fate of Western hostages in Iran. However, despite collaboration among Western countries to ban the Free Iran Rally in Paris and the attempts of several governments to discourage their citizens from attending the NCRI’s events, the Iranian Resistance’s relentless dedication and hard work paid off. Tehran was ultimately defeated on both fronts.

The success of these recent developments can be attributed to the 40 years of diligent grassroots activism and hard work by the Iranian Resistance’s network in the free world. The steadfast members of the Resistance, along with their dedicated supporters, sacrificed their time, resources, and passion to help the movement gain momentum. Their tireless efforts, spanning millions of hours, sleepless nights, and personal sacrifices, have culminated in the support of over 3,600 lawmakers from 29 parliamentary majorities, 75 Nobel Laureates, and 122 former heads of state. These prominent figures have expressed their support for Maryam Rajavi’s vision of a transition process that would transfer power from the clerical regime to the people of Iran.