Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Editorial: Iran’s Unyielding Uprising, A Continuing Quest for Freedom

iranian resistance brussels rally september 15, 2023
While marching across Brussels on September 15, 2023, supporters of the Iranian Resistance held a banner that pictured Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s quote that said, “Khamenei wants to obstruct the uprising by executions, though he cannot flee from regime change.”

As we commemorate the anniversary of the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising on September 16, it is an occasion to reflect on the unwavering spirit and determination of a nation yearning for freedom. This uprising, which began with the tragic death of Zhina Amini (Mahsa), stands as a symbol of the Iranian people’s resilience and their unequivocal rejection of authoritarian rule, be it the Shah’s regime or the current clerical rule.

During this uprising, the world witnessed a regime that attempted to mask its instability with warmongering and terrorism while touting its missile and nuclear programs. It was sitting on a precarious precipice with an uncertain future. Claims that the era of revolution in Iran had passed or that the younger generation had abandoned the struggle were exposed as false narratives perpetuated by the regime and its sympathizers.

One remarkable aspect of this uprising was the prominent role played by brave women and girls who stood at the forefront of change. Their resilience and determination showcased the depth and intensity of the transformation occurring in Iran, making it clear that the religious dictatorship’s days are numbered and a free Iran is on the horizon.

Today, the regime is engaged in extensive propaganda, attempting to downplay the possibility of another uprising. Some are eager to revive the failed policy of appeasement, but the factors that led to the previous uprising have not diminished; they have grown more intense and concentrated.

First, Iranian society’s adversarial stance towards the regime has escalated, with reports of increasing incidents of the population defending themselves against oppressive forces. Youth, in particular, have grown weary of the status quo.

Second, the organized resistance and Resistance Units within Iran, along with the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI-MEK)’s social networks, have intensified their efforts to break the wall of repression and ignite uprisings.

Third, despite an increase in the regime’s oil revenues, its policies of plundering public assets and impoverishing the masses have heightened the potential for social upheaval. In response, the regime resorts to more control, suppression, and contraction, further exacerbating the situation.

The regime’s response, both inside and outside Iran, to the MEK and the NCRI is a testament to its fear and impotence in the face of the uprising. While the Iranian Resistance has long endured lies, schemes, demonization, and terrorism from the regime, the scale of deception and maneuvering has escalated significantly in 2023, both inside and outside Iran.

The regime’s indictments against the MEK and its officials and the relentless stream of propaganda demonstrate its growing desperation. The regime acknowledges the MEK’s “special role on the ground” in leading operatives during uprisings, an admission of the MEK’s influential role in the push for change.

On this momentous anniversary, we urge the global community to unite in solidarity with the Iranian people as they continue their courageous pursuit of freedom and democracy. The Iranian populace has consistently proven their resilience against oppression and intimidation. Their steadfast resolve and unwavering determination shine the way forward towards a democratic republic in Iran.