Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Political Prisoner Calls for Boycotting the Elections

NCRI – Political prisoner Shahin Zoghi Tabar, called for boycotting of the clerical regime’s fake elections. Under the title of “the strength or weakness”, he wrote: The strength or weakness; some animals when faced with danger, to scare and to maintain their own security, try to pretend they are more powerful and bigger than what they are. Just like the clerical regime, which once wanted to portray itself as powerful by obtaining a nuclear bomb and meddling in the region, and now with the sham elections wants to gain legitimacy for its rule. But everyone knows that the elections is an intellectual posture for the velayat-e faqih, because he chooses the candidates, and even if there is no fraud between various gangs and factions of the regime, people can just choose one of the options set by the Supreme Leader and have no other option.

Now on the eve of the regime’s presidential elections, differences between internal factions of the regime that are due to people’s dissatisfaction and external pressures from the sanctions, have surfaced more than any other time. At a time when the regime is incapable of solving internal problems such as economy, closure of factories, the environment and lack of water, and external crises such as failure of JCPOA and pressure of the sanctions, and at a time when the regime is plunged in the sinkhole of three external wars in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, and is frustrated with Russia for securing its interests and is faced with the coalition of countries in the region, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards is on the verge of being put on the terrorist list, vali-e faqih (Supreme Leader) not only cannot use the elections to his own benefit, on the contrary it has caused him more weakness and inability…

Ahmadinejad, who was the regime’s President for 8 years and was a confidant of the Supreme Leader, is disqualified, various factions and gangs of the regime are concerned about getting a bigger share of power, they attack each other in the media and expose each other, and on the other hand since maintaining the regime is their priority, constantly warn each other about a repeat of 2009 uprising and explosion of public anger, express doubt about live debates and at the end decide to cancel one on one debates and to hold collective debate…

Among their candidates is on the one hand the imposter mullah Rouhani, who not only did not open any lock with his promised key but with the JCPOA added another lock to other locks of the regime, and of course with a posture of moderation, about 3000 executions took place under his tenure including massacre of Sunni Kurds opposed to the regime and the execution of at least five people last week in the Gohardasht prison. Another main candidate is the executioner mullah Raisi, who was a key player in the death of thousands of political prisoners in the 80’s especially in the summer of 1988 and now with his candidacy, has made the flame of justice movement of 1988 brighter and more luminous…

So in these circumstances, as someone who has imprisoned more than 4 years in the prisons of the mullahs, and closely witnessed their injustice and criminality, I ask the youths and students and all people in Iran not to participate in the regime’s sham elections, which is only their infighting for power and plundering the people, and instead to increase the scope of their protests so the world knows that the Iranian regime is completely separate from the Iranian people.

Shahin Zoghi Tabar
Gohardasht prison – April 28, 2017