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Human Rights Record of Ebrahim Raisi: Eyewitness Accounts, Rahman Heydari

Human Rights record of Ebrahim Raisi: Eyewitness Accounts, Rahman Heydari

My Name is Rahman Heydari. I was a supporter of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) when I was arrested in Hamedan and spent four years in prison. I was taken to court immediately after my arrest.

As soon as I entered, they started to beat me. There was a person, who the torturers called “Haji.” Haji told them what to do, how many times, and with what they should hit me. After a while, they tortured me and took me to a smaller room. I was blindfolded, and I was barely able to move. They told me that “Haji told us you should receive 500 lashes per day.” They restrained me on the torture bed, put a towel in my mouth, and then flogged me. They constantly asked questions from “Haji,” and he instructed them to use which cable.

After torturing me, they transferred me to a room. I was blindfolded, but a guard mistakenly removed my blindfold, and I saw Haji. By listening to their conversations, I later figured that this was the same person who tortured me, and he was Ebrahim Raisi, the infamous criminal who is now the regime’s president. He is a murderer of the MEK supporters.

Since my arrest collided with those of others, I found out there was a woman who they were interrogating. This woman was my cousin who had a two-month-old infant.
They had separated the baby from her and were abusing the baby, so the baby was crying. The guards were trying to pressure this mother by misusing her affection toward the baby to obtain a confession from her.

I met a man around my age after they transferred me to solitary confinement. He entered the cell with his hands cuffed. His name was Hossain Mirzaie. When he entered the cell and I saw him, I was shocked because he was in such a critical state. His feet were swollen, his lower back was injured, and he walked with a bent back. They threw him in the cell with me.

He later explained that he had endured harsh tortures, which coincided with when Raisi was in that prison.

When I asked, he told me how he was arrested. He told me: “they tortured me to the point that I wanted to commit suicide. They wanted the information I did not give them.”
Another man, Mehdi Reyhani, was transferred to my cell later. He was very severely tortured and physically weak. Later during the 1988 massacre, he was executed along with his wife.

These two cases are just examples of thousands of horrific crimes this regime has conducted against the brightest youth. The regime’s new president is a mullah who has the blood of the most brilliant Iranians on his hands. Should the world community meet, negotiate and appease this murderer? Should he be able to address the United Nations General Assembly?

This henchman and someone who controlled the modern crematorium and oversaw the massacre of 30,000 of the best Iranians should not be able to address the world. He should not, and we ask the UN, the world community, and informed politicians to reject this person and prevent him from addressing the UN General Assembly.