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Coronavirus Takes 215,700 Lives in 480 Cities in Iran

Regime’s Health Ministry: The mutated virus has entered the circulation phase

• Iraj Harirchi, regime’s Deputy Health Minister: I have never been so worried about Coronavirus as I am today. We see this mutated COVID-19 in Tehran, and in Abyek, as well as in other cities. It has entered the circulating stage in our country. (State TV, February 14, 2021)

• The regime’s Health Ministry: The British mutated COVID-19, which has a higher rate of transmission and death, sounds the alarm for the fourth COVID-19 outbreak. (IRNA news agency, February 14, 2021)

• Medical Organization: A rise in Coronavirus patients in hospitals has begun and ICU wards are filling up. (IRNA, February 14, 2021)

• Alireza Zali, head of the National Coronavirus Combat Taskforce in Tehran: Seven cases of English COVID-19 patients were identified in Tehran Province. (State TV, February 13, 2021)

• A member of Tehran’s city council health commission expressed concerns over the “Iranian mutation of the COVID-19” and called on the Health Ministry to import adequate vaccines. (IRNA, February 14, 2021)

• Khuzestan Province: The rate of virus infection is so high that in one week, the number of infected cases and hospitalization have raised by 75% and 65%, respectively. 70% of the population in this Province lives in red areas. (IRNA, February 14, 2021)

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Sunday, February 14, 2021, that the Coronavirus death toll in 480 cities had exceeded 215,700. The number of victims, in Tehran is 51,691, Khorasan Razavi 14,430, Isfahan 13,820, Khuzestan 10,825, Mazandaran 9,032, Lorestan 8,828, East Azerbaijan 8,173, West Azerbaijan 7,993, Golestan 5,599, Sistan and Baluchestan 5,146, Kurdistan 3,722, North Khorasan 3,328, and Ilam 2,226.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
February 14, 2021