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Iran: Coronavirus Has Taken the Lives of at Least 490,400


Fearing the revelation of the facts about Coronavirus outbreak, regime’s Supreme Security Council warns any information about Coronavirus should be through the Health Ministry

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• Member of the regime’s parliamentary Health Commission: Omicron has emerged the country, and bad news is heard (in this regard). People’s lives should not be played with irrational and unscientific decisions. (ISNA news agency, December 20, 2021)

• Mohammad-Reza Mahboubfar, member of the Scientific Association of Health Education: “Omicron has spread in the country for a long time. The existing vaccines against the previous strains of Coronavirus were weak, let alone Omicron!” He added, “There are many Chinese vaccines in the Customs and Excise without customers, and Iranian vaccines are left in our hands (with no demand).” (State-run daily, Setareh-Sobh, December 20, 2021)

• Shahroud Medical University: Omicron is spreading rapidly. Another COVID-19 outbreak is likely to affect the society. (Mehr news agency, December 20, 2021)

• “Domestic Vaccines performed poorly against previous COVID-19 variants, let alone Omicrons! People should not be misled!” Setareh-Sobh daily, quoting Mahboubfar, December 20, 2021)

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK)

announced on Monday, December 20, 2021, that the COVID-19 death toll in 547 cities has surpassed 490,400. In Tehran, the number of victims has reached 114,820, Khorasan Razavi 39,665, Isfahan 33,775, Khuzestan 29,675, East Azerbaijan 16,903, Alborz 14,363, Kerman 13,177, Hamedan 9,098, and Ilam 4,698.

Mohammad-Reza Mahboubfar, a member of the Scientific Association of Health Education, told Setareh-Sobh daily, “Omicron has spread in the country a long time ago and, of course, today it can change the COVID-19 status in cities back to orange and red.” People should not be misled; even with the injection of the third dose of vaccine, the health protocols should still be observed… Today, many Chinese vaccines are stored at customs and excise without any customers, and domestic vaccines are also left without any demand. The vaccines are stored in warehouses and will gradually expire over time.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
December 20, 2021