Demonstrations and Clashes in Different Parts of Ahvaz, and Punishment of a Number of Mercenaries

Iran uprising - No. 40

During ten days of the uprising, the Southwestern province of Khuzestan and city of Ahvaz were host to the popular demonstrations and protests against the religious fascism ruling Iran. During this period, hundreds of youths in Ahvaz, Hamidieh and Shadegan and other cities in the province were arrested by the Revolutionary Guards and other repressive forces.

On Saturday night, January 6th, on the tenth day of the uprising, the people and the brave youths of various part of Ahvaz rallied. They protested the brutal repression of the uprising and the arrest of a large number of people.

Protests Continued in Various Cities on the 10th Day of Uprising

Iran Uprising -No. 39

People held commemoration ceremony for Qahdarijan martyrs who were buried secretly

On Saturday, January 6, the bodies of 14-year-old juvenile Ahmad Haidari, Mohammad Ebrahimi and Hossein Shafizadeh, who were martyred by the criminal Revolutionary Guards during the heroic uprising of the Qahdarijan people, were buried. The regime's savage agents did not allow their families to hold funeral ceremony. However, thousands of people from Qahridjian hailed the martyrs' memories by attending their memorial ceremony.

Demonstrations and Conflicts on the Ninth Day of the Uprising

Iran Uprising - No. 38

On Friday, January 5, on the ninth day of the uprising in Iran, in spite of a massive security presence and massive presence of repressive forces, people in many cities rallied.

In Tehran, the repressive forces from the anti-riot to the Basijis, the Revolutionary Guards and plainclothes were present in the central parts of the city on foot and mounted. They shot and injured several young people at the Revolution Square and arrested a number of people.

Demonstration of Angry People of Tabriz on the Ninth Day of Uprising

Iran Uprising -No. 37

Today, Friday, January 5th, on the ninth day of the uprising, Tabriz residents turned the football match between the Tabriz Tractorsazi team and Tehran Esteqlal team, which was held at the Sahand Stadium of Tabriz, to the scene of hatred against the mullahs’ regime. During the match, the crowd at the stadium chanted, “Feel shame Khameini, Let go of the country”, “Villain, Villain, cowardly Bassiji”, “Not Gaza, not Lebanon, my life (only) for Iran.” The people also chanted slogans in Turkish such as “Azerbaijan people do not accept humiliation.”

Brutal Raid of Prison Guard Against Ward 12 of Urmia Central Prison

Iran Uprising -No. 36

On Thursday, January 5, the henchmen of the Urmia Central Prison’s Guard showed their grudge against the heroic uprising of the people in different cities by attacking the ward 12 of the Urmia’s Central Prison, where political prisoners are held, and, on the pretext of inspection, destroyed all the foodstuffs and other belongings of the prisoners.

2,500 Arrests in the First Week of the Uprising

Iran Uprising - No. 34

90% of detainees are young people under the age of 25

The clerical regime, incapable of fighting the uprising of people across the country, has increased the dimensions of blind arrests. According to a preliminary report, the number of arrests in the first week of the uprising in more than 120 cities reaches 2,500. Confession of authorities and organs of the regime regarding the statistics of arrests in 15 cities are as follows:

Security Council Must Condemn Iranian Regime for Slaughter and Mass Arrest of Protesters

Iran Uprising - No. 35

Legitimate right of people to overthrow religious fascism and establish democracy must be recognized

The Iranian Resistance asks today's UN Security Council to defend the legitimate and inalienable right of the Iranian people to overthrow the religious fascism ruling Iran and to attain the freedom for which they have been demonstrating. The Resistance also urges the Security Council to strongly condemn the mullahs’ regime and hold it accountable for killing defenseless and unarmed demonstrators. The regime actions constitute a clear crime against humanity, and confronting them is the responsibility of the United Nations.

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