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Number of wounded in attack on Ashraf residents reach 155

Assault on Ashraf – No. 5

Iraqi forces are driving out the wounded from hospital
Call on the US and UN to treat the wounded

NCRI – The number of wounded in today’s aggression against Ashraf by the Iranian regime’s Iraqi agents and the Iraqi forces under the command of Nouri al-Maliki reach 155. Among the wounded are 83 women.


A number of the wounded went to Ashraf hospital that is under the Iraqi forces’ occupation. Doctors at the hospital stressed that some of the wounded needed care and special treatment and should be taken to nearby hospital in Baaquba. However, Lieutenant Colonel Nazar, a henchman who was actively involved in murder, torture and blockade of Ashraf went to hospital and told the staff to force the wounded out of the premises. Omar Khalid, the Iraqi director of the hospital who is under the command of the committee responsible for suppression of Ashraf, drove out the wounded from the hospital using abusive language against them.

Given the anti-human and repressive treatment of Ashraf residents by the Iraqi Forces, the Iranian Resistance calls on the American forces and the United Nations that bear responsibility for protection and well-being of Ashraf residents to assume the task of providing medical treatment for the injured residents and transfer the ones who need special attention to hospitals under their control to prevent any serious harms.

It must be noted that the repressive measures against Ashraf residents by forces under the command of al-Maliki and agents of the Iranian regime, including today’s aggression, are in grave violations of the Forth Geneva Convention and other international treaties. As it has been stated in December 27, 2010, ruling of the Spanish National Court, the perpetrators of these violations must be put on trial and punished within the context of war crime, crime against humanity and crime against international community.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 7, 2011