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Iraq: Camp Liberty Iranians may go blind due to medical blockade


The Iranian Resistance calls on the United States, United Nations and human rights and rights of refugees organizations to act to end the medical blockade

NCRI – The tyrannical medical blockade affecting Iranians in Camp Liberty, Iraq, that includes denying transfers to hospital to those residents in need of special medical treatment, has aggravated the residents’ illnesses and made them incurable.

Many of the residents who are suffering from acute eye problems are victims of the medical siege because Iraqi agents have been depriving them of treatment for months by intentionally stonewalling their transfer to hospitals outside the camp. Had they received treatment in the early stages, their illnesses would not have turned critical.

At present, 53 residents at Camp Liberty are in need of eye surgery, but because of the hampering by the Iraqi forces their treatment has been continually delayed.

Ten of them had succeeded in fixing appointments with ophthalmologists and eye surgeons, but due to the intentional delays introduced by the Iraqi agents, they were unable to make it to their appointment.
Others have not even been able to fix an appointment with an ophthalmologist so that later they could be operated on.

One of the residents who is about to go blind has been on the waiting list for eye surgery since 21 July 2012 but, because of the restrictions imposed on Camp Liberty, has been unable to undergo the required surgery.
This patient’s last hospital appointment was for October 11, 2014, but the Iraqi agents employed various pretexts to prevent this patient from leaving the camp.

The criminal measures by the Iraqi agents which breach many international laws have been reported to UNAMI daily, but no serious actions were taken to resolve them.

The policy to torment Camp Liberty residents to death is a well-known anti-human policy that is carried out by Faleh Fayad, Nouri al-Maliki’s National Security Advisor, at the behest of the Iranian regime.
This policy so far has tormented 21 residents to death.

Given the commitments of the U.S. government and the United Nations regarding the security and well-being of Camp Liberty residents, the Iranian Resistance is demanding an immediate intervention for the annulment of the medical blockade on the camp and for securing the free access of residents to medical services.

The Iranian Resistance also calls on all international human rights organization and refugee rights bodies, medical unions and syndicates, the World Health Organization, as well as other pertinent UN bodies to take action to end this anti-human siege.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 29, 2014