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URGENT: Iraq transfers Camp Ashraf hostages from Baghdad by helicopters to extradite to Iran

Call on the US and UN to intervene urgently to prevent extradition of 7 Ashraf hostages

NCRI – According to reports, seven residents of Camp Ashraf who were abducted during the massacre on September 1, have been transferred from Baghdad to al-Amara, southern Iraq, by helicopters of the Office of Prime Minister on Tuesday afternoon.

The Iraqi government plans to extradite the hostages from al-Amara to the Iranian regime. Quds force has a great influence and control over al-Amara. The Iranian regime’s consulate and deputy counselor in Basra and al-Amara play active role in arrest and torture of Iranian asylum seekers in this area and a large number of them already been extradite to Iran.

The Iraqi forces transferred the hostages on the other side of the berm on September 1, using two vehicles that belonged to Camp Ashraf residents. The Iraqi forces had erected the berm at the north flank of Ashraf after their 2011 attack.

On September 1, the Iraqi forces took the hostages to the other side of the berm through the route controlled by Iraqi forces and transferred them to Baghdad using other vehicles. Prior to being transferred to Al-Amara, the hostages were kept in a place near Baghdad airport by the forces affiliated to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Keeping the hostages and transferring them is under the control of the Chief of Staff of Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces in the Prime Minister’s Office.

The hostages are all protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention and as the UN High Commissioner for Refugee has stipulated, they are asylum seekers and people of concern who are entitled to international protections.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the U.S. President, Secretary of State, the UN Secretary General, and the High Commissioner for Refugees, who bear direct responsibility for the safety and security of the hostages, to intervene immediately to prevent handing over of the hostages to the clerical regime by the Government of Iraq and calls for their immediate release.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 10, 2013