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At Least 106 Prisoners Executed over the Past 30 Days in Iran


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Khamenei’s Fear of Popular Uprisings Fuels Wave of Mass Executions

Brutal attack by suppression forces on a gathering of families of prisoners sentenced to death

In fear of the outbreak of foundation-shaking popular uprisings, Ali Khamenei continues to execute prisoners in collective and criminal waves without interruption. On Monday, November 20, the regime executed one prisoner named Siyamand Bookani (Ostovar). On Sunday, November 19, at least four prisoners were executed, and on Wednesday, November 15, at least 14 prisoners were executed.

On Sunday, November 19, Abdulghafoor Mahmoudi and Mohammad Hossein Tasht Zar (Mirani), two Baluch prisoners, and Ali Payam (Maleki) in Bandar Abbas Central Prison, and Yasin Zeinoddini, another Baluch prisoner, were hanged by the regime’s hangmen in Shiraz Central Prison.

On Wednesday, November 15, in addition to the six prisoners whose executions were announced in the November 15 statement, eight other prisoners were sent to the gallows. Nine of these 14 prisoners were hanged in Qezel Hesar Prison. Three other prisoners were executed in Kerman Central Prison, one prisoner named Ali Shirzadeh in Tabriz Central Prison, and another prisoner named Mehdi Bakhshandeh in Gonbad-e Kavoos Prison on the same day.

As a result, the number of executions in the past 30 days has reached 106. The transfer of prisoners to solitary confinement to carry out death sentences continues. On Sunday, November 19, a group of families of prisoners sentenced to death in Qezel Hesar Prison gathered outside the regime’s judiciary in Tehran to protest the death sentences of their loved ones. The regime’s criminal agents brutally beat the families of the prisoners and arrested several of them.

The Iranian Resistance once again calls on the United Nations, the European Union, and member states to end their silence and inaction in the face of the regime with the highest record of torture and execution in the 21st century and take urgent action to stop the execution of prisoners.

The people of Iran are paying the price of appeasement with the bloodthirsty mullahs with more prisons, torture, and executions, and the people of the region are paying the price with massacres and destruction.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

November 22, 2023

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Sunday, November 19- The gathering of death-row prisoners outside Qezel Hesar Prison- “No to Execution”
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The gathering of death-row prisoners outside Qezel Hesar Prison- “Do not execute my daddy!”