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Iran-HumanRight: Three executions in one day

Public hanging of a woman in IranThe clerical regime hanged three prisoners on December 7.  According to reports by state-run media, a woman was hanged in Shirvan (northeast Iran) and two men named Abdulreza Akbaridiba, 28, and Farhad Akbaridiba, 22, from Asadabad in Hamedan, were executed in the Arak-Khomein (western Iran) highway.

The state-run daily, Kayhan, reported on December 6 that Rostam Tajik, 20, was going to be hanged in public on December 10. He has been in prison for nearly five years.  He was less than 15 at the time of the alleged crime, and 16 when sentenced to death. The Supreme Court recently upheld the death sentence for Mr. Tajik.
The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of international human rights organizations to the increasing number of executions in Iran, in particular the execution of minors, and demands condemnation of the alarming wave of executions and the increasing violations of human rights in Iran. It calls for the referral of the clerical regime’s human rights crimes to the UN Security Council for adoption of appropriate and binding measures.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 9, 2005