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Iran: Political prisoners continue hunger strike in support of imprisoned teachers


NCRI- On Thursday May 7, the hunger strike of political prisoners of Karaj Gohardasht prison in support of imprisoned teachers and workers continued for the forth day. Up to 10 hunger strikers had been on hunger strike protesting the transfer of imprisoned teacher Rasoul Bodaghi to solitary confinement.

They are also protesting the arrest of Ebrahim Madadi and Dawood Razavi, two senior members of the Tehran Transit Bus union, and the arrest of teachers and workers including the Azadegan oil company. They were arrested by the regime’s intelligence agents for their protest against mass firings of workers and engineers and replacing them with non-indigenous people.

The clerical regime’s intelligence agents in different provinces summoned a large number of teachers, principals and education staff, and threatened them to refrain from any protest. In Bukan alone 60 teachers were summoned by intelligence agencies and have been threatened with insults and outrageous behavior to refrain from any protests or participating in rallies.

Repression and arbitrary arrests, following the teachers and workers’ calls to hold sit-ins, strikes and protests against the dire living conditions of millions of workers and educational staff, have got much wider dimensions.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 7, 2015