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Iran: Snail-pace Vaccination Has Left 130 Cities in Red, 129 Cities in Orange, and 154 Cities in Yellow Coronavirus Situation


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  • ISNA: Significant increase in hospitalizations in 29 provinces and deaths in 19 provinces
  • Head of Razi Hospital in Ahvaz: 95% of beds are occupied. All university and government hospitals accept covid patients
  • Garmsar governor: Positive Covid test of more than 50% of those who have visited hospitals is concerning.
  • ISNA: The number of patients and deaths has increased 13  and12 times, respectively; people do not trust vaccines
  • Mashreq website: Vaccination goes at a snail-pace during the peak days of the seventh wave, and only 50,000 doses of vaccine were injected in 5 days (August 1-5)

The criminal policy of the mullahs’ regime regarding the coronavirus vaccine has led to another rise in the death toll. State-run Hamdeli newspaper wrote, “The number of daily patients has increased 13 and the number of deaths 12 times, respectively. Iran holds the fourth rank in Covid-19 deaths in the world. The most important reason for people’s refusing to vaccinate was their mistrust in the current vaccination portfolio and the vaccines’ side effects. The rate of infection and hospitalization and the number of deaths in Iraq is very low and not comparable to Iran at all; it is because Iraq has used effective and efficient vaccines from the COVAX basket since the beginning. Our people have been deprived of such vaccines.”

The state-run website Mashreq described the rate of vaccination in Iran like ‘snail-pace’ and wrote, “During the peak days of the seventh wave, less than 50,000 doses of vaccine have been injected in the country in five days (August 1-5)”.

IRNA news agency quoted the Ministry of Health as saying yesterday, “Coronavirus deaths rose from 204 to 341 in the last week of July; in the first week of August, hospitalizations increased from 7.376 to 10,634, and outpatient cases increased from 46,171 to 53,438.”

The state-run news agency, ISNA, wrote today, “A significant increase in hospitalization has been reported in 29 provinces and deaths in 19 provinces. The number of red cities has increased from 120 to 130, orange cities from 112 to 129, and 154 cities were ranked as yellow.”

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August 7, 2022