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Iran News in Brief – August 8, 2022



12 Cloth Stores Sealed in Southern Khuzestan Province

Implementing a new initiative that aims to crack down on the people, 12 clothing stores in Khuzestan province were sealed by the police.

Announcing the news, the deputy police commander of Khuzestan province claimed: “Due to the significance of chastity and hijab in society, in line with popular demands, in coordination with the judicial authorities, police officers have implemented the plan to monitor trade unions for 72 hours.”

Hojjatollah Sefidpoust added: “During the visits made by the police, 307 units were handed out warnings, 126 units received warnings of sealing and 12 other units were shut down. Also, in line with the implementation of this plan, 120 unconventional dresses were also discovered.”

Incapable and unwilling to address socio-economic demands, the Iranian regime is increasing the suppression of the population and intensifying the execution rate in order to choke dissent in society.

Cries for Firm Policy Against Tehran Continue to Echo Across the Atlantic

In the last few days, while representatives of world powers were meeting the envoy of the Iranian regime in Vienna to reason and find common ground on its nuclear program, Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance in Toronto, Gothenburg, Vienna, and Luxembourg held protest rallies to express their objection to the appeasement policy towards the terrorist regime in Tehran.

آکسیون اعتراضی ایرانیان آزاده در تورنتو همزمان با مذاکرات اتمی آخوندها -۱۵مرداد۱۴۰۱

Toronto, Canada

آکسیون اعتراضی ایرانیان آزاده در یوتوبوری همزمان با مذاکرات اتمی آخوندها

Gothenburg, Sweden

آکسیون اعتراضی ایرانیان آزاده در لوکزامبورگ همزمان با مذاکرات اتمی آخوندها

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Supreme Court Upholds Verdict for Blinding a Woman and Two Men

The verdict for blinding a woman has been passed to the Implementation of the Verdicts Unit. The woman is waiting in prison for her sentence to be carried out.

The state-run Hamshahri newspaper wrote on August 1, 2022, that a woman and two men would be blinded. According to Hamshahri, the judges of the Supreme Court approved the retribution sentence (Qesas) for a young woman from one of the cities of Kermanshah province. Since it is impossible to carry out the sentence in Kermanshah, the third branch of the Implementation of Verdicts Unit of Tehran’s Criminal Prosecutor’s Office will do it.

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Women Political Prisoners Contract Coronavirus in Evin Prison

News from the women’s war of Evin Prison indicates a Coronavirus outbreak that has been rapidly spreading amidst overcrowded, unsanitary, and cramped conditions.

An increasing number of women political prisoners have been affected by the virus. Political prisoners Parastoo Moini, Forugh Taghipour, Farangis Mazlum, and Fatemeh Mosanna are among those infected.

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