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Iran: Suspicious Death of Shahin Naseri in Greater Tehran Prison, a Prisoner Who Had Testified About Navid Afkari’s Torture

Right: A young Navid Afkari Left: Written testimony about Navid's torture by Shahin Naseri
Left: A young Navid Afkari Right: Written testimony about Navid’s torture by Shahin Naseri

Call for an International Inquiry Into the Religious Fascism’s Crimes in Prisons

NCRI logoShahin Naseri, a young prisoner who had witnessed the torture of martyr Navid Afkari (executed for participating in the 2018 uprising), died suspiciously in the Greater Tehran Prison. It is said that on the morning of Wednesday, September 22, his family was informed that they should go to “Tehran’s Criminal Court” to receive their son’s body. Meanwhile, the news of the prisoner’s death had been publicized on social media on Monday, September 20.

According to reports published on the Internet, in an audiotape in September 2020, Shahin Naseri had revealed the tortures inflicted on Navid Afkari to which he had been witness while in Shiraz prison. After this revelation, the regime judiciary exiled Shahin Naseri from Shiraz Prison (South Iran) to Greater Tehran Prison (Central Iran). According to reports from Greater Tehran prison, about 10 days ago, on the anniversary of Navid Afkari’s martyrdom, Shahin Naseri was transferred from a public ward to solitary confinement. His phone sim card was confiscated, cutting off his contact with the outside of the prison.

On Tuesday, August 31, 2021, in another horrific crime, Khamenei’s henchmen murdered a prisoner named Hadi Atazadeh in Ahar Prison by torturing and flogging him.

Emphasizing that killing prisoners is a common practice in the religious fascism’s prisons, the Iranian Resistance once again calls on the United Nations to form an international mission of inquiry to visit Iran’s prisons, meet with the prisoners, and investigate the crimes of the clerical regime in prisons, particularly Shahin Naseri’s death.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

September 22, 2021