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Iran: The Lives of Two Political Prisoners Are at Risk

The Iranian Resistance calls on all international human rights and women’s rights advocates to take immediate and effective action to save the lives of two jailed hunger striking prisoners, Mrs. Golrokh Iraee and Mr. Sohail Arabi, who are at risk.

Golrokh Iraee, a political prisoner exiled to Qarechak prison in Varamin, is in dire condition in her third week of hunger strike. Ms. Atena Daemi and Ms. Golrokh Iraee, were transferred from Evin to Qarechak prison in Varamin for supporting the uprising in January. In Qarechak prison, prisoners are deprived of the minimum facilities and are at risk of developing hepatitis and other illnesses due to over-concentration of ordinary criminals and those infected with contagious diseases.

Political prisoner Sohail Arabi, who was exiled to Tehran’s Great Prison, is in a dire situation after 29 days of hunger strike,. Head henchman Haji Moradi, the so-called prison warden, has said with cruelty that even if Sohail Arabi dies, he would not be sent to the hospital.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 21, 2018