Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Mullahs’ Regime Representative Appointed Vice President of UNGA: Threat to Human Rights and International Peace

Ebrahim Raisi

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Appointment of the mullahs’ regime representative among the 21 vice presidents of the UNGA and as the speaker of the Disarmament Committee tramples on human rights and international peace, encourages the regime to engage in hostage-taking, terrorism, accelerating nuclear projects, and warmongering in the region

The Iranian Resistance vehemently denounces the appointment of representatives from the ruling religious fascist regime of Iran as one of the 21 vice presidents of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly, as well as the spokesperson of the First Committee of the United Nations (International Disarmament Committee). This move is seen as a clear violation of the United Nations’ core principles, which aim to promote human rights, international peace, and security.

At a time when this regime has carried out a staggering number of executions, with at least 146 prisoners executed in May 2023 alone, and another 6 executions taking place on the morning of June 1st, granting the regime the position as the vice president of the United Nations General Assembly is nothing short of a dagger to the heart of human rights, and is considered an award to the record holder of execution in the world and encouragement to commit more crimes.

Moreover, the regime’s occupation of the role of spokesperson for the International Disarmament Committee while it actively pursues the development of an atomic bomb deploys drones to carry out killings of innocent civilians in Europe, sponsors terrorist activities across America, Europe, and beyond,  and spends most of the Iranian people’s capital on exporting terrorism and war-mongering and building mercenary forces in different countries of the region, not only mocks the principles of international peace but also aids in the regime’s relentless pursuit of nuclear capabilities and fuels the export of terrorism, thereby paving the way for further destabilization and war in the Middle East and beyond.

The ruling religious fascist regime in Iran stands as a disgrace to contemporary humanity and the world as a whole. It does not represent the Iranian people in any capacity. It should be expelled from the United Nations and other international organizations, and its leaders, who have been responsible for four decades of continuous crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide, must be held accountable and brought to justice.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

June 2, 2023