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Iran: On the Ninth Night of the Uprising, Defiant Youths in Susangerd and Ahvaz Resist Repressive Forces

Ahvaz Ring road
Ahvaz Ring road was blocked by the city’s rebellious youth – July 23, 2021

NCRI logoIran protests for water – No. 12

Protests by rebellious youth in Yazd, Robat Karim, Saveh, and Qazvin-highway in support of Khuzestan uprising
Khamenei orders electricity and internet shutdown in Khuzestan

Nine days after the beginning of the uprising of the brave people of Khuzestan, despite security and repressive measures, demonstrations and clashes with the Revolutionary Guards and the State Security Force (SSF) continue. Defiant youths in Ahvaz took control of the city center by burning tires and causing traffic jams in Dayereh Alley.

In Susangerd, the clerical regime closed the city’s main streets with concrete walls and completely cut off electricity and the internet to prevent demonstrations and rallies. However, the youths clashed with the Revolutionary Guards and the SSF until late at night. The sound of the repressive forces’ gunshots could be heard throughout the city.

In Izeh, regime forces imposed an undeclared martial law and curfew to prevent the people from gathering. Fearing the eruption of an uprising, the clerical regime filled the streets with repressive forces and, using loudspeakers, called on the shopkeepers to close their shops before dark and warned people not to stop moving. The funeral of one of the martyrs of the uprising, Hadi Bahmani, turned into a demonstration against the regime yesterday. The people chanted, “Death to Khamenei.”

Also, the rebellious youth block the Ahvaz Expressway that rings the city. In Shooshtar’s Shoaibiyeh district, the youth closed the highway by setting fire on the road to block the entry of reinforcements. In Robat Karim (Tehran), a large crowd gathered to express support for the Khuzestan uprising. The brave youth of Qazvin showed their solidarity by lighting fires on the Qazvin-Tehran highway. In Yazd, young Khuzestanis who live in the Meybod district took to the streets and chanted anti-regime slogans. The brave youth of Saveh closed the Saveh road by placing large concrete barriers. In Ilam, people gathered at the Mehr housing intersection.

Thursday night in Aligudarz, the clashes between the SSF and the people continued until around 4:00 AM. In response to the SSf and IRGC forces’ indiscriminate shooting, the defiant youths occupied the Hemmatabad Police station (no. 12) for a few hours. Several demonstrators were killed or injured when the SSF and Revolutionary Guards opened fire. The Revolutionary Guards also arrested more than 100 protesters.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi said that the uprising, which has been led by the valiant youth of Khuzistan nine days ago, has now spread to the Lorestan, Tehran, Bushehr, Isfahan, and other places. The martyrs of these uprisings from Ahvaz, Izeh, Aligudarz, and other cities reflect the Iranian people’s resolve to overthrow the religious fascism and establish democracy and the people’s rule. Their sacrifice acts as a beacon for Iran’s freedom.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
July 24, 2021

Ahvaz (Kuy-e Dayereh)
Ahvaz (Kuy-e Dayereh) – Defiant youths took control of the city center by burning tires and creating traffic jams – July 23, 2021
Robat Karim - A large crowd gathered
Robat Karim – A large crowd gathered to express support for the Khuzestan uprising – July 23, 2021
Izeh – Funeral
Izeh – Funeral of one of the protesters shot by IRGC thugs, turned into a demonstration with “Death to Khamenri” – July 23, 2021
Izeh – Undeclared martial law
Izeh – Undeclared martial law in fear of the people’s uprising – July 23, 2021
Shadegan – Demonstration
Shadegan – Demonstration against water shortages – July 22, 2021
Qazvin Motorway
Qazvin Motorway – setting fire on the Qazvin-Tehran highway – July 23, 2021
Ilam – Protesters
Ilam – Protesters gathered at the Mehr housing intersection – July 23, 2021