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Iran News in Brief – July 24, 2021




Azerbaijan Rises Up

As of today, around noontime, the people of Tabriz have gathered in the streets and started chanting in support of the uprisings in Khuzestan.
This is the tenth day of this uprising that is gaining momentum across the country.



Maryam Rajavi: The UN and Its Member States Should Take Urgent Action To Save Death Row Prisoners in Iran


Parallel to the appointment of Ebrahim Raisi as President and Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Ejeii as the head of the Judiciary, the religious fascism ruling Iran has stepped its criminal executions in a panicky reaction to the spread of popular uprisings to create an atmosphere of fear and terrorize the public. Khamenei thinks he can prevent the volcanic outburst of the Iranian people’s anger by the escalation of repression and executions, to no avail. The heroic uprising in Khuzestan which has spread to various cities clearly showed that executions and clampdowns have lost their effectiveness.

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Iran: Coronavirus Death Toll Exceeds 336,000

Infographic-PMOI-MEK reports over 336,000 coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths in Iran

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Friday, July 23, 2021, that the Coronavirus death toll in 547 cities across Iran had exceeded 336,000. The number of Lorestan 12,905, victims in Tehran has reached 78,326, Isfahan 22,775, Khuzestan 21,371, Khorasan Razavi 20,385, Mazandaran 12,990, West Azerbaijan 12,353, Fars 11,372, Gilan 10,896, Qom 10,135, Alborz 9,638, Sistan and Baluchistan 9,201, Kerman 8,143, Golestan 7,855, Hamedan 7,063, Yazd 5,752, Hormozgan 5,545, Ardabil 4,080, Qazvin 3,819, and Zanjan 3,600.

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Khuzestan Uprisings Expand – Protesters react to Khamenei’s speech today by chanting “Death to Khamenei”
NCRI-US deputy director Alireza Jafarzadeh shares the latest news on Iran protests in Khuzestan and other regions like Aligudarz, Lorestan.

Iran: Anti-regime demonstrations continue in Khuzestan as other provinces join protests

Iran: Anti-regime demonstrations continue in Khuzestan as other provinces join protests

The regime’s brutal response to the protests, gunning down demonstrators and killing several people, has only added to the rage of the people of Khuzestan, who have seen regime authorities ignore their pleas for their most basic needs. The regime has called in backup forces from neighboring provinces to quell the ongoing protests in Khuzestan. Despite the heavy presence of security forces across the province, demonstrations continued late into the night on Thursday.

Iran: Ruthless force used to crush protests in Khuzestan province

Iran: Ruthless force used to crush protests in Khuzestan province

Iran’s security forces have deployed unlawful force, including by firing live ammunition and birdshot, to crush mostly peaceful protests taking place across the southern province of Khuzestan since 15 July 2021. According to analysis by Amnesty International’s weapons expert, in multiple videos including the ones featured in this clip, the sounds of individual shots can be heard, which could be from discharging live ammunition, birdshot, or less-lethal munitions such as kinetic impact projectiles.
Source: Amnesty International

Security Forces Use Deadly Force to Quell Khuzestan Protests Amid Internet Blackout


Security forces use deadly force to quell Khuzestan protests amid internet blackout. Amnesty International called on the Iranian authorities to immediately stop the killing and arrest of protesters in Khuzestan and to recognize the right of the people to freedom of expression and peaceful protests. In a report today, Amnesty International said security forces had killed at least eight protesters and bystanders, including a teenage boy since protests began.

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Iran and the Vienna Stalemate

On Wednesday, the Iranian regime and world power concluded their fifth round of informal talks in Vienna aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

It becomes clear that the Vienna talks with the Iranian regime’s current government have failed. And the Iranian government announced that Iran’s nuclear negotiations with world powers should wait until the formation of the new government. This made clear that the negotiations are not implemented by Hassan Rouhani’s government, but by the highest-ranking official in this regime, the supreme leader Ali Khamenei, who has decided to move the negotiation process to the next government to gain the regime’s desired goals.

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