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Bagheri Kani’s Presence in Oslo Encourages Iran Regime’s Terrorism, Malign Activities

Ali Bagheri Kani and Ghasem Solimani

NCRI logoScheduled Meeting With Norway’s FM by Iran Regime’s Deputy FM Encourages Human Rights Abuses, Export Terrorism, Warmongering, Quest To Acquire Nuclear Weapons

The Representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in Norway deems that the planned visit of Ali Bagheri Kani, Deputy Foreign Minister of the ruling religious and terrorist dictatorship in Iran, to Norway and the scheduled meeting with Norway’s Foreign Minister will embolden the regime’s violation of human rights, export of terrorism, and warmongering in the region, as well as it’s unpatriotic quest to acquire nuclear weapons. He calls for the cancelation of the visit and the meeting.

According to Amnesty International, Bagheri is the representative of a regime that has carried out more than half of the executions worldwide in 2021 executions.

The trip comes while in recent weeks, the Iranian people have taken to the streets in various cities and provinces chanting “Death to Khamenei, Death to Raisi, Death to the Dictator,” and the regime’s repressive forces have been killed several demonstrators and injured hundreds.

The record of this regime over the past four decades amounts to nothing but suppressing and killing the Iranian people. The successive uprisings of the last four years prove that the regime has no legitimacy and that the Iranian people want to overthrow it. Hence, its representatives do not represent the Iranian people in any way. The December 2017 uprising, the one in November 2019, during which at least 1,500 young people were shot to death, and the following uprisings in 2020, 2021, and today in Abadan and other parts of Iran all reflect the fact that the Iranian people want to overthrow the regime and establish freedom and democracy.

Even while negotiating with Western officials, by using various ploys, Bagheri Kani, desperately tries to deceive the officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency and hide the regime’s efforts in acquiring the atomic bomb. From the onset, the regime’s nuclear program has been against the interests of the Iranian people. If it had not been revealed by the Iranian Resistance in 2002, today, the world would be facing a fundamentalist regime equipped with nuclear weapons.

The NCRI’s representative in Norway calls for the cancellation of the visit to Norway by the mullahs’ Deputy Foreign Minister and urges the Norwegian government to condemn the brutal suppression of the Iranian people’s uprising for freedom.

Representative office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in Norway

May 30, 2022