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Warning on expected execution of imprisoned family members of Ashraf residents and a call to save their lives

NCRI – The Iranian Resistance warns on the risk of execution of a number of political prisoners solely because of their visits to Ashraf prior to 2009, being families of Ashraf residents, supporting the PMOI, or giving money to PMOI on the mullah-fabricated charge of “Moharebeh” (fighting with God). The Iranian Resistance calls on all human rights institutions and organizations for urgent action to save their lives.

The brutal judge  by the name of Salavati has issued a second death sentence for political prisoner Javad Lari, 56. Mr. Lari, a renowned merchant in Tehran Bazaar, was arrested on 15 September 2009 for his visit to Ashraf. Mr. Lari who has also spent four years in prison back in the 1980s for his support for the PMOI, suffers from various illnesses and has had several heart attacks in prison.

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry is planning to condemn to death political prisoner Ali Moezzi, 63, in a kangaroo court. He is one of political prisoners of the 1980s who was arrested on 11 November 2008 in Tehran for visiting his two children in Ashraf. On 15 June 2011, he was arrested for the third time in extremely poor health condition just a few days after a surgery for his cancer. He was subsequently transferred to solitary confinement in ward 209 of Evin prison. He was arrested because of his participation in the burial ceremony of Mohsen Dogmechi who himself was a political prisoner supporter of PMOI that was tormented to death by depriving him of medical treatment.

The lives of three other family members of Ashraf residents and supporters of PMOI, Mohsen and Ahmad Daneshvar and Abdolreza Ghanbari who were arrested during the 1988 uprisings and have been condemned to death are also in danger.

Mohsen Daneshpour, 67, was arrested along with his son, wife and two of his relatives on 27 December 2009. Later, he and his son, Ahmad Daneshpour, were sentenced to death in a mullahs’ kangaroo court. The reason for such brutal sentences was that his son and brother in Camp Ashraf are in Ashraf. His two brothers, Morteza and Mostafa, were executed by the mullahs’ regime in 1981.

Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani, another political prisoner, is on death row on the charge of providing financial assistance to the PMOI. He has been in solitary confinement for more than 40 months.

The Iranian faltering regime resorts to such crimes in order to intensify the intimidation atmosphere in the society, to confront the expansion of protests on the verge of mullahs’ forged elections, and at the same time impose pressures on the Ashraf residents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 14, 2012