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Regime’s Guardian Council ratifies suppressive Fashion and Clothing Plan

NCRI – The mullahs’ Majlis “revised” the Fashion and Clothing Plan to gain the approval of the Guardian Council, the state-run news agency Fars reported on January 2.

According to the report, “A committee has been formed which is comprised of a representative with full power from the ministries of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Higher Education, Industry and Commerce as well as the state radio and television, the Directorate of State Planning, and three representatives from related industries (fashion designers) and a representative from the Majlis Culture Committee as the inspector.

The committee will supervise the implementation of the plan and the persuasion of the general public to refrain from making use of foreign fashions not customary to the Iranian culture and identity. This plan will be operational once it gains the signature of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance.”

The regime’s Majlis first introduced the plan on May 18, 2006. It was completed in September 2006.

NCRI Women’s Committee Chair, Ms. Sarvnaz Chitsaz, reiterated that suppression and discrimination against women form the basis of the ideology, laws and conduct of this medieval regime. "This plan sets the stage for greater suppression of women," she said.

Ms. Chitsaz described such repressive plans and measures as a desperate attempt by the regime to thwart the active presence of women in antigovernment protests.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

January 4, 2007