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Leading Euro MP seeks justice for dozens killed in Ashraf massacre

For Immediate Release 8th April 2011 – 18.30 hrs.

The horrendous massacre of innocent civilians at Camp Ashraf in Northern Iraq has marked a new low-point in the tragic history of that beleaguered country. The deliberate targeting of unarmed refugees by dozens of armoured vehicles and hundreds of heavily armed troops acting under the direct orders of Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki, is a humanitarian crime that ranks amongst the worst committed this century.


The UN, who have maintained a constant watch on the camp since the withdrawal of US military protection, must now instigate a full inquiry to ensure that all those involved in this atrocity, including government ministers, military commanders and even ordinary soldiers who saw fit to open fire on unarmed men and women, are brought to trial before an international tribunal.

Furthermore, the international community, who have been repeatedly warned at the very highest levels of this looming disaster, must now accept their share of the blame for the horrific massacre. The least that they can do now is to mobilise immediate medical assistance for the over 300 seriously wounded, seek the instant release from custody of all those kidnapped by the Iraqi military during the unprovoked attack and deploy a large UN force to Camp Ashraf without delay to provide protection for the remaining residents and to avert their final annihilation by the murderous criminals who ordered this massacre.

Struan Stevenson MEP
President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq