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Iran’s Regime Increases Economic Crises Amid COVID-19

Iran is now experiencing a high rate of Covid-19 mortality rate. Besides its effects on people’s lives, Covid-19 has increased economic crises, and due to the regime’s inhumane covid-19 policy and corruption, people are suffering from these crises. 

The regime refused to lock down the country for a long time when the Covid-19 crisis reached the point that the mullahs were forced to announce national lockdown without supporting people or businesses.  

U.S. sanctions are not impeding Iran's coronavirus response

“In such closures, the activities of factories and producers will stop, but their expenses will remain. Therefore,  the private sector and enterprises of the country will suffer heavy losses following the lockdown. Therefore, authorities should take measures to compensate for Covid-19 economic damages,” wrote the state-run Eghtesad-e Pouya on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.  

“The contract workers will have no source of income during the lockdown. In other countries, we saw how people were financially supported against the coronavirus and its damages. But in our country, although steps were taken in this regard, it did not have a significant impact,” Eghtesad-e Pouya claimed.  

“According to Iran Chamber of Trade Unions, about 1.4 million trade unions have been directly affected by the pandemic. Farmers’ incomes have fallen by an average of nearly eight percent in the agricultural sector, and agricultural exports have fallen by at least 10 percent. In total, just over 50 percent of Iran’s GDP is in the service sector, and losses in this sector are not possible to be compensated,” Eghtesad-e Pouya added.  

The Covid-19 pandemic and the regime’s inhumane policies have increased Iran’s economic crises and pressure on people. While the regime’s apologists try to blame sanctions for Iran’s weak coronavirus response and the general economic crises, state-run media acknowledge the regime’s corruption and wrong policies are roots to Iran’s crises.  Sanctions are imposed on the regime for supporting terrorism and human rights abuses. The regime can end these sanctions today by stopping its malign activities, but it needs terrorism and human rights violations to preserve its rule.  

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“Most of our economic crises have domestic roots. Even sanctions are not creating and amplifying these crises. Most of the sanctions are due to the Islamic Republic’s ideology. Naturally, standing up of this ideology and ideal would have their costs for the system,” wrote the Eghtesad-e Pouya on Thursday.  

On Wednesday, the regime’s outgoing president blamed Iran’s economic crises on Covid-19 and the previous U.S. President, Donald Trump.  

“Mr. President’s remark showed he does not care about mismanagement and inefficiencies. He believes whatever happened was out of his government’s control,” the state-run Aftab-e Yazd daily mocked Rouhani’s remarks on Wednesday.  

The Iranian people showed they consider the regime the country’s only problem by boycotting the regime’s sham election and staging daily protests. In a nutshell, the regime cannot deceive people, and prolonging its inhuman covid-19 policy and other malign activities would only increase the countries restiveness.