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Rouhani’s Ridiculous Plans to Solve Iran’s Water Crisis

Rouhani's Ridiculous Plans to Solve Iran's Water Crisis

By Shahriar Kia

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani suggested on Tuesday, January 1, that in order to solve the water crisis plaguing Iran, they should rent lands from other countries where water is plentiful and begin farming there.

He said: “For some fruits and vegetables, or other farming goods, is it better to produce them inside the country or transfer the production to beyond our borders? Let’s rent lands from another country. Maybe there’s plenty of water there. It would be cheaper.”

He went on to say that the Regime should let the water crisis “bother” the Iranian people, but that the mullahs should seek the help of the education ministry and the teachers to save water.

These bizarre comments were made during held a meeting with the authorities of the energy ministry, which Rouhani called after receiving criticism from Iranian officials and figures close to the Regime for his government’s inefficiency in solving the crisis.

Rouhani previously said that the Iranian Regime could and would solve the crisis that was affecting all the provinces of the country, noting “water is an important issue”, and told the members of the Iranian parliament that they must allow the Regime to take the “necessary measures” to solve the crisis. This angered many MPs as the Regime’s mismanagement of water sources has only exacerbated the crisis.

In fact, the Regime has tried to solve the water crisis in a variety of ridiculous ways, none of which have helped.

They transferred water from Isfahan to Yazd to solve the water crisis in the latter province, which disrupted the Isfahan ecosystem and caused the farmers there to come out in protest because they do not have enough water to grow crops. The Regime’s latest suggestion is to transfer water from Khuzestan, which is already suffering from the Regime’s excessive dam creation projects, to Isfahan. If you can see the problems inherent in that, Rouhani has another solution: transfer water from the Caspian Sea.

So MPs, fearful of protests in their provinces, are calling out Rouhani’s irrational plans and even vice president Eshaq Jahangiri said that Rouhani’s suggestions have no executive backing.

It is obvious that Iran has no real plans to solve the water crisis and that while the Regime remains in charge, the people of Iran will continue to suffer. They won’t be able to drink water, grow crops, or even survive. For the people of Iran to live, the Regime must die.