Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Thousands of Iranian workers unpaid for months

Thousands of workers’ livelihoods are under threat due to unpaid wages as the economic crisis deepens under the current regime in Iran.

In the city of Boroujerd, more than 1,000 municipal services and greenery workers have not received their salaries for two months.

The head of the labor union said: “Not only has the city mayor not paid workers two months of their salary, but has also deprived them of their insurance. Although an amount is deducted from the workers’ salary every month as a share for the insurance, nothing has been settled in the social security account.”

Another 22 previously service workers from Zabol’s Medical Science University in Zabol were expelled in July but have now returned to work, have also not yet received four months unpaid of salaries and three months of insurance dating back to before their expulsion.


At the Saveh Profile factory, 1,200 workers have not received salaries dating back to June as production slumps at the site.

Workers at the Safa Plumb Nourd factory have also not been paid since August and their insurance cards not extended.
They also no longer receive the rice and oil which was given to them every six months.

Following the expulsion of 235 workers at the Zagrous Steel factory on July 9, poor work condition and unpaid salaries continue for the remaining 50 workers, who have not been paid since April.

One worker told the state-run ILNA news agency: “Despite being engaged in different parts of this factory and working full time, but we haven’t received our salary since April and no one is taking responsibility.

“The managing director is never present at the factory, so workers have no one to go to when they face problems or want to voice their demands.”

In the city of Bushehr, 800 workers unpaid since June are awaiting their expulsion from contracting companies including Fara Beach, Arya Industry, Sadeq Industry and sea projects.

A large number of workers from the World Crystal factory located in Tehran’s Shams Abad Industrial City have been laid off.

The deteriorating situation of the workers in Iran is at a time when the oil rich countries budget is spent in billions of dollars on feeding the Nuclear weapons program and in funding the domestic repression.