NCRI - According to reports, despite the passing of more than two weeks after the arrests of a Kurdish political prisoner, his fate in not clear, and his mother was disrespected by Iranian regime’s security forces.

Despite the repeated pursuit by Ramin Hossein Panahi's family and their referral to security agencies, there is no news about the fate of this political prisoner. In the past few days, the elderly mother of Ramin Hussein Panahi, after referring to the regime’s Intelligence Office in Sanandaj to ask for his son’s whereabouts, she was insulted and harassed by the agents of the Intelligence Ministry.

The elderly mother says “We went to the Intelligence office in Sanadaj but they told us Ramin is in the hands of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC’s) Intelligence. After we went to the IRGC’s Intelligence office, they said Ramin is in the hands of the Intelligence Ministry. We don’t know what to do.”

“They don’t even tell us about Ramin’s whereabouts or whether Ramin is alive or not. Until today, 17 days passed since he was wounded and arrested by security agents,” she added.

The political prisoner, Ramin Hossein Panahi, was arrested on June 23, 2017, after being shot by three bullets by the Revolutionary Guards and transferred to un unknown location. Following the incident, the Intelligence and Security agents increased the pressure on the family of Hossein Panahi and arrested four members of the family including Afshin Hossein Panahi, Zobeir Hossein Panahi, and Ahmad Hossein Panahi and so far there is no clear information about their fate or whereabouts.

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