Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Ensuing her heroic resistance and Iran regime’s fear of public unrest, Sahar Beheshti was released.

NCRI – As mentioned in Previous reports, on Friday August 26, Iran suppressive security forces raided the family home of martyr Sattar Beheshti, who was arrested in November 2013 and martyred under brutal torture.

The purpose of attack was the refusal of Sahar to stop the remembrance ceremony of his brother, Sattar, in which his family and friends were gathering to mark his birthday.

During the attack, the regime’s agents harshly beat Ms. Sahar Beheshti, Sattar’s sister and her husband, and arrested them and a number of participants in the event.

Sahar Beheshti who had courageously fought back in return, was transferred to an unknown location. A number of detainees including her husband were subsequently released with a summons to be called by repressive organs.

Today afternoon, fearing more public outrage and subsequent to her heroic resistance and firm stance against security agents, they were forced to release her by reducing the heavy bail.

it is important to mention that following Sahar’s arrest, Ms. Eshqi had said: “My son was sacrificed for Iran, and I’m prepared to lose my daughter in the path of Iran’s freedom as well.”