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International appeal to stop executions in Iran

International appeal to stop executions in IranNCRI – As widespread executions are going on in Iran a group of prisoners who are on death row call upon the international community and opponents of torture and execution around the world to help save their lives and demand an end to the wave of arbitrary executions. The text of their international appeal follows:

Detained in Iranian prison, we call on the world community to pay serious attention to our plight and to widespread executions in Iranian prisons. Inside the prison walls, we hope that your urgent attention and actions will bring a halt to the executions.

Capital punishment is not just and should stop in Iran and around the world. Regrettably, in recent days and weeks several young men, some of them political activists have been executed in different cities in Iran. Currently, 12 people in Kerman, 20 in Mashad, 26 in Karaj and many more in Tehran, Tabriz and Shiraz are awaiting execution.

We appeal to you to help stop this horrifying and unimaginable episode. We humbly ask for your effort to bring an end to these executions. We the prisoners on death row in Evin, Gohardasht, Sanandaj, Orumieh, Naghadeh, Kermanshah and in other prisons all over Iran urge you to hold gatherings on September 7th, 2007 to protest against executions in Iran. With your protest, you will bring the world’s attention to our plight and prevent our execution.

We, the political prisoners on death row look forward to your urgent attention to this humanitarian catastrophe. We are in danger and we have no hope but the will and concern of the humane people of the world.

1- Mostafa Darianavard (hall 1, ward 7 of Evin prison)
2- Reza Baba Tabar ( hall 3, ward 7 of Evin prison)
3- Babak Dadbakhsh (hall 3, ward 7 of Evin prison)
4- Farshid Babaei Varzi (hall 1, ward 7 of Evin prison)
5- Abdolreza Najafian (hall 5, ward 7 of Evin prison)
6- Hossein Asghari (hall 1, ward 7 of Evin prison)
7- Behrooz Javid Tehrani (Gohardasht prison)
8- Alireza Karami Kheirabadi (Gohardasht prison)
9- Afshin Baymani (Gohardasht prison)
10- Saeed Sangar (Orumieh prison)
11- Sassan Babaei (Sanandaj prison)
12- Jafar Malaekeh (Naghadeh prison)
13- Kayvon Rafiei (ward 7 of Evin prison)
14- Mohammad Hassan Falahizadeh (ward 350 of Evin prison)
15- Abolfazl Jahandar (ward 350 of Evin prison)
16- Yasser Majidi (Birjand prison)
17- Ali Heidarian (ward 350 of Evin prison)
18- Farzad Kamangar (ward 350 of Evin prison)
19- Akbar Sanjabi (Kermanshah Dizelabad prison)
20- Peman Khanjari (Kermanshah Dizelabad prison)
21- Khaled Herdani (Evin prison)
22- Nasser Kheirollahi (Rajaei Shahr prison)
23- Shahram Pourmansoori (Rajaei Shahr prison)
24- Latif Mohammadi (Rajaei Shahr prison)
25- Mostafa Salimi (Rajaei Shahr prison)
26- Farhang Pourmansoori (Evin prison)

This letter has also been signed by a number of other prisoners whose names will be announced later. The signing of the letter is currently continuing.