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Iran: Holding Entrance Exams Amid COVID-19 Crises

Iran-National-Exam-03Despite repeated warnings by the country’s health officials, the Iranian regime held the national entrance examination with nearly 1,112,000 participants on Wednesday. Iran is now going through its fifth Covid-19 wave, and the death toll is over 320,000.

The regime held the national entrance examination, while on June 30, 2021, Alireza Naji, director of the Institute of Virology Research, warned about the spread of the Covid-19 Delta mutant virus in Tehran (source state-run Resalat daily, June 30, 2021).

Other countries are increasing their efforts to save their population from the new dangerous Delta variant of Covid-19. Yet, the Iranian regime further prepares the ground for more people to be infected with this deadly virus.

This is part of the regime’s inhumane Covid-19 policy. This attitude was no surprise from a regime when its supreme leader Ali Khamenei called the virus a “test” and “blessing.”

Now due to the regime’s inaction, the Delta variant is rapidly spreading across Iran.

“The Delta virus is becoming the dominant strain in the country, and genomic surveys indicate that the delta virus is spreading in Tehran and other provinces with a high rate of infection. If we do not act immediately, the Delta variant will spread across Iran the country. Besides its fast transmission, this variant is resistant to the vaccine,” Alireza Naji added.

The vaccination process in Iran is very slow. Khamenei banned the import of credible vaccines in January 2021.

“Iran is the only country that, from the beginning of the pandemic, does not have a specific program to produce or import vaccines, contrary to officials’ promises. The rate of vaccination in Iran is below 5%, and the elderly get infected while standing in lines to receive vaccines,” wrote the state-run Mardom-Salarie daily on June 30, 2021.

According to the state-run media, the regime has produced nine types of Covid-19 vaccines, but the World Health Organization has not approved them because no one has tested these vaccines.

A glance at the regime’s inhumane Covid-19 policy

To have a larger turnout at the sham parliamentary elections, Khamenei and his regime refused to announce the existence of the virus Iran. The regime finally acknowledged the existence of Covid-19 in Iran but did not act to slow the spread of the virus.

Following the major Iran protests in November 2019, Khamenei sought a method to oppress the restive society. The Iranian people’s hatred toward the regime has been increasing due to the economic and social crises the mullahs’ have created. To quell this restive society, Khamenei started an inhumane Covid-19 policy to use the mass casualties as a barrier to another uprising. The regime’s slow vaccination process, banning the entry of credible vaccines, and using untested domestic vaccines are part of the regime’s plan to oppress people and further plunder them.

Holding the national entrance examinations is the latest action of the regime’s inhumane Covid-19 policy.

Holding the national entrance exam and the density of the students’ population in closed environments for 5 hours will amplify the spread of Covid-19.

“Several health experts said that holding the post-election entrance exam could have an even greater effect on the climax of the fifth wave of Covid 19,” wrote the state-run Resalat daily on June 30.

The Iranian people showed their desire for regime change by boycotting the regime’s sham presidential election on June 18. Khamenei quickly received this message and intended to continue his inhumane Covid-19 policy to oppress this explosive society. Therefore, the regime-held the entrance exams. But the more the regime continues this policy, people’s hatred toward the regime increases.

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