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Iran: Justice-Seeking movement for massacred prisoners in 1988 is taking peaks and expanding day by day.

NCRI – Dr. Mohammad Maleki, the first President of Tehran University after the anti-monarchic revolution in Iran, in an interview that was published on the internet says Justice-Seeking movement for massacred prisoners in 1988 is taking peaks and expanding day by day.

The following is excerpts of his interview:

“That famous poem says: Did you see that the unjustly spilled blood of butterfly did not give the candle the respite to live thru the night until dawn

“The criminals thought they could hide these issues, but since the truth will never remain hidden, somehow the issue was disclosed. Of course Mr. Montazeri himself had also written about this issue. He had written about Khomeini’s letter and his order for the massacre. But one might say that these are lies and they have written them (Khomeini’s orders) themselves or someone else has written them… but the audio file revealed the truth because the voice (in the audio file) was Mr. Montazeri’s voice and the way he describes things… and everything else shows that it was Mr. Montazeri’s voice who was talking about the ‘Death Commission.’ At first they denied it but then they had no choice but to acknowledge it. And now with total obscenity they say they are proud of it because they don’t have anything else to say.

“Pour-Mohammadi, yes, such a person should indeed be the Minister of Justice (in Rouhani’s government) as well. He should address the people’s cry for justice. At first he said, when they asked him about the issue of massacre in 1988, he said that there is not such a thing or I don’t know at all and so on. But after the audio file was published, he acknowledges it. But what an acknowledgement! He said yes we have done it and we are proud of it and we will do it again if deemed necessary.

“I have not seen in history or I have rarely seen that a criminal is proud of his crimes. We have heard and read the story (history) of Karbala and Yazīd ibn Mu‘awiya that he later expressed regret and expressed remorse…

“But these people, who are worse than Yazīd in committing crimes, do not say that’s what it was and we did it anyway, but they say yes we did it and we are proud of it. Same as other things, as you can see in all the affairs of the country: Theft, squalor, this stuff that our country is suffering from. They are proud of all of these. And they say, ‘The Islamic Republic is the world’s pride. Our nation is the most advanced nation, the most ethical nation.’ Well, I don’t know what to say!

“In any case, these people are really those who might be unique in the history. They consider this enormous crime, this unparalleled crime, as their pride and claim that if the condition exists they will do it again.”

In response to the question of what the prospect is, Dr. Malki said: “First, they neither understand the law or religion nor the religious laws; a handful of people who send people’s children to front line to be killed and they themselves stand aside and God willing their secrets will be revealed later that what kind of crimes they have committed in the battle front. And now they have become Commander and General and I don’t know what… and they give themselves these titles and consider it their honor and national pride. I am very optimistic about the future and I am sure that our people are really shocked and moved by this audio file. Many people could not believe when we told them what was happening in prisons and what scourges and pressure they exerted on us. But now, after they heard the audio file, they believe us and say wow what crimes has been done in this country that we did not know about. I’m sure that this issue will be revealed more day by day and considering this call for justice namely justice-seeking movement, this movement will certainly take peaks day by day and will be expanded.

“Today, we see that this issue is raised in the world, in the United Nations and among various authorities that they have to explain about this crime whether they want it or not. And one day people will get justice and this justice-seeking movement will be expanded not just for this crime but in many cases that these people committed crimes which recently several instances of their crimes were disclosed; multi-billion dollars thefts, fancy salaries, corruption and prostitution, theft and lies and deception and trickery and so on, and I am very hopeful and believe that in the future people can get their rights. There are plenty of issues like this to talk about.

“As one said, ‘The candle burned down and died; The night passed; Woe to me that the story of my heart remained unfinished.’ Those of us who have seen both the Shah’s era and the Mullahs’ era, particularly in the past 40 to 50 years, have issues in our heart that must be revealed one day to make clear and understand the kind of crimes and lies we were experiencing. They kill people and blame it on other groups. They blow up this and that place and put the responsibility on the shoulder of others (blame others). The things that we have seen are being gradually exposed now. You surely have heard what Dr. Khazali said about the killing of Christian priests and blowing up (the Shrine of Imam Reza) in Mashhad, etc. etc. that they did these things to… and to defame others. These facts are becoming clear. I am sure that in the future the root cause of the issues of war, attacks on embassies, and other issues and problems will become clear. Every day people are becoming more aware and realize that we are suffering in the hands of what kind of brutal and blood-sucking individuals.

“People should not take the issue of justice-seeking lightly. They must in this case create a movement to obtain justice; whoever you are, whether leftist, right wing, Mojahed, combatant, whoever you are. All of those who suffered during this time, not just in 1988 but also later, you can see now that Kurdish compatriots are being executed 20 by 20 just for being Sunni.

“These crimes that are committed, many people still don’t know what has happened in this country; the murders that they have committed inside Iran and abroad in other countries; the assassinations that they have committed. God willing, people are uniting more and more every day against those who committed all these cruelty and oppressions. They will respond to them and will obtain their justice.”