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Iran: Mullahs’ regime hanged seven prisoners in Bandar Abbas Prison


NCRI – According to the reports from Iran, the Iranian fundamentalist regime hanged seven prisoners in September 10, 2016 in the central prison in Bandar Abbas in Southern Iran. These prisoners (sailors) were kept in prison for drug-related charges and were transferred to solitary confinement two days before they were hanged.

The names of the executed prisoners are as follows: Ghasem Daryanavard, Amin Bibak, Khosro Badpa, Sattar Hoot, Mohammad Hanif Boop, Harun Haykal Nejad and Taregh Taraj.

Also on Saturday September 3, two other prisoners were hanged in the central prison in Rasht for drug-related charges. These prisoners were executed in the prison after their death sentences were approved by the Attorney General and the head of the judiciary. The two executed prisoners were introduced by their initials as “B”, 52, and “J.P”, 32.

It should be pointed out that in August 29, “Ahmad Shahid”, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, condemned the brutal execution of 12 prisoners by Khamenei’s executioners. He said that execution of these prisoners for drug-related charges was a violation of international law.

Ahmad Shahid had called for stopping such executions in Iran one day before the execution of the 12 prisoners took place. He had stressed that issuing death sentences by the courts which do not conform to the international law and not even to Iranian local law is worrying.

At dawn on Saturday August 27, Iranian regime executed at least 12 prisoners in a mass execution in the central prison in Karaj.

The names of executed persons:

1. Khosro Badfar

2. Taregh Taradj

3. Abdolsattar Hout 

4.Mohammad Amin Bibak

5. Ghasem 

6. Taregh