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Iran Regime Hangs 1 in Public, 4 Others in Prison

Iran Regime Hangs 1 in Public, 4 Others in Prison

Iran’s regime hanged five prisoners in a single day this week, including one in public, while another two prisoners have been transferred to solidarity confinement to be hanged imminently.

On Tuesday, July 16, 2019, four prisoners were executed in Orumieh (Urmia) prison, northwest of Iran.

The prisoners were identified as Hayman Banawand, Jafar (Iman) Mohammadi, Mohammad-Aref (Jahangir) Najafian and Mahmood Khaledi.

They had been transferred to solitary confinement in Orumieh prison on Monday in preparation for their execution sentence. They were accuse of murder.

Also on Tuesday, a prisoner was executed in public in the city of Khondab, in Iran’s central Markazi Province. The unnamed prisoner was hanged in public view in Jihad Street.

He too was accused of murder.

The mullahs’ regime frequently carries out public executions to intimate the population and stifle potential unrest.

In a sign of further executions to come, two other detainees in Orumieh prison, who were sentenced to death on drug charges, were transferred on Tuesday to solitary confinement.

Their families have been informed that they should go to prison for a final farewell meeting.

Iran is the world’s record holder of executions per capita. More than 3,600 people have been executed in Iran since Hassan Rouhani took office as the regime’s President in 2013.