Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Iran: wretched situation in Zabol Central Prison


NCRI – According to reports, Zabol Central Prison in Sistan and Baluchestan Province (Southeastern Iran) is lacking the most basic sanitary living requirements. Located 2000 km away from central Iran, Zabol Central Prison is one of the most remote and perhaps the most forgotten prison in Iran in which the prisoners have been brutally piled up on one another.

While Zabol with its continuous dust is suffering from air pollution, the prisoners held in the Central Prison of the city, are deprived of even healthy drinking water. In the meantime, new sanitary and drug problems, malnutrition and other basic requirements are harming the prisoners as well.

Iran’s fundamentalist regime uses this prison as a place of exile for prisoners. At some wards of this prison there are 250 prisoners cramped together, and between 18 and 25 prisoners are kept in each cell. The executioners in this place of exile are trying to silence the prisoners with an atmosphere of fear while controlling the protesting prisoners with pressure and suppression. Most prisoners held in this prison are charged with common crimes, and sending political prisoners into exile in this prison is aimed at putting them under extreme pressure.

The mullahs’ regime sent 63-year-old political prisoner Arjang Davoodi into exile in this prison on September 24. The executioners even prevented him from taking his belongings and medication. While suffering from various illnesses like heart and kidney problems as well as diabetes, Arjang Davoodi has been transferred from one prison to another from 2003. He has been under various tortures and persecutions while being held in solitary confinements for a long time. Davoodi is now transferred to Ward 2 in Zabol Prison, where the ordinary prisoners are being held.