Saturday, February 4, 2023
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State Media Acknowledge Iran Regime’s Inhumane COVID-19 Policy Has Failed


Iran’s Covid-19 fatalities have surpassed 291,000, according to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).  With Covid-19 fatalities rising rapidly, state media acknowledge the regime’s inhumane policies, which has resulted in this catastrophe, and warn of nationwide uprisings. 

On Monday, the state-run Sharq daily wrote: “Amid the country’s crises, beyond officials’ arguments [infightings], and while we are reaching the critical and decisive days of [sham elections] on behalf of people, whose cries are lost in the uproar of events, we warn We warn about the most important and vital issue of life these days. Providing and distributing vaccines should be the first mission of all government agencies.” 

The Iranian regime initiated an inhumane Covid-19 policy since the very first days of the outbreak. The regime’s officials have been downplaying the crisis, and the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei banned the entry of American and European vaccines in January 2021. Khamenei and his regime have been trying to use the deadly virus as an ally to control Iran’s restive society. 

“Some governments are accused of using coronavirus. Governments and regimes are using the Covid-19 outbreak to cover up their weakness and inefficiency, and by creating fear, worriedness, and limitations for people, make opportunities for themselves,” Etemad daily on Sunday, indirectly acknowledged the regime’s inhumane Covid-19 policy. 

“Contradictory news and information about vaccine imports indicate a fragmentation in the critical decision-making system,” Sharq acknowledged. 

While many countries are taking major steps in vaccinating their population and many other maintain lockdowns, the mullahs’ regime forces people to work and school and has not initiated a successful vaccination plan. 

“The news of the disappearance of several vaccine shipments in the country and the contradictory remarks of officials of the Ministry of Health has raised doubts about mass vaccination in the shortest possible time,” wrote the state-run Arman daily on Sunday. 

“The National Covid-19 Task Force has ordered schools to hold the final exams in person, despite the protests of students and their families continue in different parts of the country,” Arman daily adds, referring to the recent protests in Iran by students against in-person exams. 


Arman daily acknowledges that “the country’s Covid-19 management has been unstable and [officials’] sudden and contradictory decisions have only baffled citizens and decreased public’s sensitivity about the crisis.” 

The regime’s inhumane Covid-19 policy has also affected Iranian people’s livelihood, besides taking the lives of hundreds of people daily. 

“Covid-19 outbreak revealed [the regime’s] weaknesses.  We saw that in our country where the price of a mobile phone is the same as the price of a Pride car ten years ago. Therefore, millions of students are deprived of online education. People should either steal or become street peddlers to survive and feed themselves on the days when they have lost their honorable jobs,” Arman daily wrote in another article on Sunday. 

Arman daily then warns the regime officials that their inhumane Covid-19 policy has increased society’s explosiveness. 

“The Covid 19 targets society, and many people and experts, regardless of the risk of contracting the virus, are concerned about the future and deteriorating conditions of society. Meanwhile, yesterday’s press conference of the head of the Forensic Medicine Organization foretells a silent and hidden catastrophe under the skin of cities,” Arman wrote. 

“Economic problems, inflation, and the fear of death and disease have drastically reduced people’s patience. People commute in the city like moving powder kegs that could explode at any moment,” Arman daily warned. 

In other words, the regime’s inhumane Covid-19 policy has failed. The ongoing protests in Iran also confirm that Khamenei and his regime have failed to oppress Iran’s restive society. Thus, as a state media warning, another nationwide uprising is inevitable.