Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Afghanistan: At least 1 killed in protest at Iranian regime consulate

NCRI – At least one person was killed and four wounded on Saturday when angry demonstrators tried to storm the Iranian regime’s consulate in western Afghanistan during a protest over visas, Afghan officials have said.

Around 200 angry protestors took to the streets of Herat city and tried to attack the consulate with rocks and sticks, deputy provincial police chief Abdul Hamid Hamidi told AFP.

“The police tried to stop them, but they attacked the police. One person was killed and several wounded in the clash,” he said, adding that the police were investigating.

An official at Herat central hospital told AFP that four wounded people had been admitted.

In the past few years Afghan citizens have been protesting against corruption at the Iranian regime’s consulate. They have said that the consulate’s staff have been taking bribes to issue visa and also the consulate does not return back the deposit money once they return from Iran.

Also, during last year, afghan residents have held protest against execution of Afghan nationals in Iran.