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Editorial: Iran Regime’s Supreme Leader Dodges Dealing With Economic Crisis

Iran Regime’s Supreme Leader Dodges Dealing With Economic Crisis

Last week, Supreme Leader of the Iranian Regime Ali Khamenei spoke about how officials should deal with the increasing economic issues that the country is facing. In an address to the Assembly of Experts (a group of elected officials that appoint the Supreme Leader), he warned that the problems the people of the country are experiencing should not be overstated.

Regime’s Leader Khamenei called on the high-ranking officials to ensure that pessimism is kept to a minimum and that the situation is kept under wraps. Khamenei said on his official website: “This exaggeration intensifies the anxiety of public opinion and causes the pessimism virus to spread. It is not correct to speak in a way that the audience is terrified and thinks that all is lost.”

Basically he is asking for lies to be spread and for the truth to be hidden.

Iran has been facing an increasingly critical economic crisis for months. The situation was already declining before the United States sanctions took effect last month.

When U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the United States was exiting the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement that was signed during his predecessor Obama’s time in office, he announced that sanctions would be reimposed and he made it clear that companies, entities, multinationals and individuals dealing with Iran would be affected.

Many huge businesses pulled out of agreements and negotiations with Iran in the immediate aftermath of Trump’s announcement. It was a huge blow to the government and the Iranian regime urged the Europeans to take measure that would stop further companies pulling out of business deals. Despite the efforts made by the European Union, many still decided that it was not worth the risk of getting caught in the crosshairs of sanctions imposed by one of the biggest financial players in the world.

The Iranian government has proven itself to be completely incompetent with regards to the currency crisis. In the past 12 months, the Rial has lost more than two-thirds of its value. Goods are becoming more and more expensive for the people and livelihoods are being lost. The government took several half-hearted measures but it did not stop the Iranian currency from taking a dramatic fall.

Iranian regime officials are also trying to blame the crisis on anyone but themselves. No-one is taking responsibility but the people have seen that the regime prioritised the spread of terrorism and the financing of militias and proxy groups over the needs of the people.

There are many domestic issues that have needed attention for years, in particular many social and environmental problems. However, officials have turned their heads the other way and spent billions on its malign activities abroad.

Last week, the Supreme Leader said: “No government can go on without the support and trust of the people, we must not act in a way that will deprive the government of the people’s trust.” It is too late. The people lost trust in this regime a long time ago, and for this regime it is time to go.