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Interesting Confessions: Iran Regime’s Leader Directly in Charge of Terrorism and Meddling in the Region


NCRI Staff

NCRI – Trying to counter the U.S. Congress’s Approval to Publish Iranian Leader’s Assets, Khamenei’s publications office, unwantedly confirmed that all the belligerence, meddling in the internal affairs of the countries in the region and acts of terror and violence are directly controlled by the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

State run Fars News Agency on December 23, while quoting The Institute for the Publication of Khamenei’s Works, stated:

“The US House of Representatives approved a draft resolution last week, stating that the Treasury Department is required to publish a list of the assets of Iranian leaders, specifically Ayatollah Khamenei. The US House of Representatives approved law number HR 1638 earlier this month titled “Iranian Leadership Asset Transparency Act”. The law gained a majority vote of 289 votes for, and 135 against. The draft resolution also needs to be approved by the Senate, and signed by the President in order to become a law.

The Institute for the Publication of Ayatollah Khamenei’s Works reacted to the resolution, and said, “The US Congress has adopted this measure for its fear of Iran’s regional influence in the past few years that has grown under the major strategies of the Revolution Leader”.

Indeed “major strategies of the Revolution leader” has been nothing but creating proxy forces and committing crime and destruction in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other countries of the region.
Fars News agency adds: “before inking the nuclear deal, Ayatollah Khamenei had underscored that the deal would never prepare a ground for the enemies to weaken Iran’s fundamental principles, including its support for the resistance front members in the region.”

Clearly the so called “resistance front members in the region” are terrorist forces affiliated to Iranian regime’s revolutionary guards (IRGC) like, Hezbollah in Lebanon, PMU terrorist force in Iraq ,Houthis in Yemen and Fateiuon in Afghanistan, continuing to quote the above mentioned publication institute Fars News Agency specified: “The Iranian leader stated during a Eid al-Fitr Prayers Sermon before the endorsement of the deal that no matter the deal was struck or not, Iran would not relinquish support for its allies in the region, it said… Hence, Iran’s power and influence has grown in the region and this has enraged the US.”

Iran regime’s hollow blusters and unwanted confessions come at the time that not only the power and the influence of Iranian regime has not grown in the region but on the contrary Iranian regime is more than ever isolated and under pressure and the countries in the region are more than ever united against its’ bellicosity.

On Wednesday, 6 December 2017, on the initiative of the Friends of a Free Iran intergroup at the European Parliament, Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), said, “The regime has already exhausted its strategic resources. Economically, they are on the verge of bankruptcy. Socially, they have become ever more isolated.

“The solution is showing firmness, not giving concessions. A concerted and firm effort to counter Iran’s destructive meddling in the region and its ballistic missile program will the biggest contribution to peace both inside Iran and across the region. Washington and the Arab World have taken some positive steps in this regard. It is past time that the European Union follows suit and adopts a firm policy.