Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Iran: European Foreign Ministries Condemn the Terrorist Plot at Villepinte

A number of official positions on behalf of European Foreign Ministries have been pronounced recently on the ongoing terrorist case in Antwerp, Belgium.

Through his parliamentary deputy, James Cleverly, the British Foreign Secretary said in response to at least four questions on the part of members of the House of Commons expressing concern on the ongoing case:
“We are aware of the ongoing trial of four Iranians in Belgium in relation to the 2018 plot against a conference in Paris. We are deeply concerned by reports that an Iranian diplomat is one of those standing trial in connection with the incident. While the legal process is ongoing, however, it would be inappropriate to comment further and we have not made specific representations to the Iranian Government. The UK strongly condemns the targeting of civilians and welcomes steps taken to hold those responsible to account. We continue to work closely with our European partners on security and counter-terrorism issues. We are not aware at this stage of a link to the UK.”

Two members of parliament, Bob Blackman, Conservative, and Toby Perkins, Labor, had raised the issue in written questions to the Foreign Secretary.

The Irish Ministry of Foreign affairs took a position response to the Irish MP Joe O’brien who had questioned the Ministry on the foiled terrorist attempt at Villepinte in 2018:
“In relation to the case raised by the Deputy, I am aware of reports about it. I condemn in the strongest terms any attempts to commit violence or acts of terrorism. However, as the situation is subject to an ongoing criminal investigation in another jurisdiction, it would be inappropriate for me to comment any further on the matter.”

Jean-Michel Clement, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French parliament raised the issue with Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Foreign Minister. Mr. Clement expressed concern that had the terrorist bombing plot in June 2018 at Villepinte succeeded, hundreds of innocents would have been killed in the event. He asked the FM whether a more solid position on behalf of France and Europe would be necessary to deal with Iranian State-sponsored terrorism. Mr. Le Drian responded as follows:
“On the Villepinte affair, you know that we specifically sanctioned Iran, and specifically the Iranian Intelligence service was sanctioned and penalized. This was our prompt response after the act.”