Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Iran Regime Minister of Intelligence: “We claim to be Muslims, but we easily lie for inferior political goals”

The Iranian regime’s Minister of Intelligence said in a speech on Wednesday October 12: “unfortunately, sometimes ethical and religious issues are easily ignored. Telling lies for political goals, disrespecting and dishonoring people has become commonplace” and warned rival faction.

Mahmoud Alavi who was speaking at the Khomeini’s burial site, said: “Unfortunately, telling lies in some media, papers and bulletins has become as east as drinking water. As a theology student, I address those who make up these lies and publish them in their media, websites, the internet and the social networks, and ask them: why do you lie? Are you going to serve the regime and defend the supreme leader and the system with these lies?

Alavi added: “what has become of us that we claim to be Muslims while we easily lie for inferior political goals and play with people’s dignity. Unfortunately people are inadmissibly and easily being defamed.”

Without naming anyone, Alavi pointed to a member of the nuclear negotiating team who has been accused of spying and said: “someone, who according to experts and professionals has not been involved in any spying activities, is accused of being a spy for political achievements.”

Alavi added: “today, people’s dignity is easily played with in websites. But psychological security should be respected and people should feel secure with regard to their dignity. Today, it is commonplace to easily play with people’s dignity in websites. Insulting is another problem in our country. People are easily being insulted.”

Alavi is the head of the secret service of the religious dictatorship ruling Iran, which has had the most important role in the brutal suppression of dissent for more than three decades.

The clerical regime’s Ministry of Intelligence has been directly complicit in the massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners in summer of 1988, the serial murders of intellectuals (mainly between 1998 and 2000) and in more than 350 terrorist acts abroad.