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Iran: UNESCO’s Education 2030 Document Released

NCRI – Following the clashes over UNESCO’s Education 2030 document in Iran, Hassan Rouhani in response to the opponents posted the picture of this resolution on Instagram.

According to the image posted on Instagram, the draft of this enactment was sent to Khamenei’s office, the Parliament, the Judiciary, the General Inspection Office (GIO), the Supreme Audit Court of Iran, as well as other government entities in September 2016.

On May 7, 2017, Khamenei lashed out Rouhani’s office while stating that UNESCO’s Education 2030 document has been practiced stealthily. He then slammed the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution by saying, “the Council should have observed well, therefore we did not have to stop this.”

On the other hand, Hassan Rouhani attacked one of the opponents during the presidential election since they had sent Khamenei “false reports” regarding UNESCO’s Education 2030 document.

The Leader of Friday Congregational Payer of Isfahan, Yousef Tabatabai referred to Rouhani’s remarks about the “false report”. He stated that Khamenei has never said “a word without having it investigated.”

Following the release of UNESCO’s Education 2030 document on Rouhani’s Instagram, Khamenei used the term “fire-at-will-forma” in his speech. He implicitly lashed out Rouhani while stating that he does not receive “false reports”.

Yousef Tabatabai added, “It does not make sense that some people in UNESCO plan a document for our education while we have Quran and Islamic teachings in the Islamic Republic of Iran. These people stated once that the document has not yet been signed or it is not mandatory. They also claimed that Iran deal was not necessary. When the supreme leader negates, then you are wrong to follow up the document.”

The Leader of the Friday Congregational Prayer of Shiraz, Naser Imani addressed government officials, stating, “you unveil the secret document while you have already practiced it in office. It is unfortunate to teach the five-year-old children sexual issues.”