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Thursday’s Iran Mini Report – December 27, 2018

Thursday's Iran Mini Report - December 27, 2018

• Former MP: Iran regime is already collapsed

Faezeh Hashemi former MP and daughter of Iran regime’s powerful clergy and former president Hashemi Rafsanjani, in an interview with “Mostaghel” newspaper stated: I believe Iran regime is already collapsed in content and it is just the matter of time that it happens substantially.

This former MP believes the regime has kept itself sustained only through intimidation and suppression.

• Iran Regime MP: 1,800 religious scholars, preachers hold posts in oil ministry

An Iranian Regime deputy said 1,800 religious scholars held oil ministry posts without having a specific job title or making the nature of their role known.

The head of the Iranian Parliament Commission on Energy confirmed that the appointment of 1,800 religious scholars in the oil ministry comes under the guidance of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in what he described as “adding cultural background to government projects.”

Iranian citizens have recently been critical of religious scholars for their role in corruption, domination of power, wealth, jobs and opportunities in the country at the expense of marginalized groups in the country.

Source: english.alarabiya

• Isfahan: security forces attack teachers’ gathering with tear gas

On Thursday Dec. 27 The Free Union of Iranian Workers announced the arrest of a number of employed and retired educators who were staging a protest gathering in front of the Isfahan education administration office, teachers were protesting against their low salaries and high costs of livelihood.

• Satellite images reveal Iranian facility destroyed in Syria strike

An intelligence report issued by the satellite imaging company ImageSat International (ISI) on Thursday revealed the aftermath of the recent airstrikes in Syria.

According to reports, the target of the airstrikes was an Iranian weapons depot near Damascus. The satellite images unveiled Thursday showed extensive damage to the targeted site. A caption on the satellite imagery indicates that the site was “completely destroyed.”

• Charity worker imprisoned in Iran ‘needs medical help’

The husband of a British Iranian woman detained in Iran on spying charges is calling for her release.

Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe was arrested at Tehran airport in April 2016 and was later sentenced to five years.

Richard Ratcliffe made the plea on his wife’s 40th birthday, saying she is in urgent need of medical help.

In a video message this week, Richard Ratcliffe pointed out that Friday 28 December would be his wife’s 1,000th day in prison.

• German Company Linked With Iran’s Rockets Stops Business With Tehran

A spokesman for the German company Krempel, which provided construction material to Tehran businessmen that was used in Iranian-regime produced rockets to gas Syrians earlier this year, told on Thursday that the global business firm has stopped trade with Iran.

US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell told on Thursday: “Corporations realize that doing business with Iran means funding the IRGC’s terror strategy.”Grenell is widely credited with causing Geman businesses to leave Iran and has been praised for his efforts in seeking to counter companies that aid Iran’s terrorism and cause suffering for Syrians and Iranians within Iran.