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Thursday’s Iran Mini Report – May 31, 2018

Thursday's Iran Mini Report - May 31, 2018

• Trump Sanctions Turn Iran Treasures into Fool’s Gold

The Trump administration has imposed new financial sanctions on a political group allied with Iran’s supreme leader, as well as individuals and companies the Treasury Department says are complicit with human rights abuses in the country.

“Iran not only exports terrorism and instability across the world, it routinely violates the rights of its own people,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a release announcing the sanctions.

• Truck drivers’ strike across Iran expanding to more cities in their 9th day of protest

May 30, 2018 – Truck drivers across Iran continued and expanded their strike into its 9th consecutive day on Wednesday. Almost 280 cities throughout the country and all of the 31 provinces are now scenes of this ongoing movement.

Steel truck drivers in Hamedan, along with drivers of construction machinery, all joined the truckers’ nationwide strike. Ahvaz, Mahshahr, Bukan and Isfahan were also cities where continuous reports are incoming from activists and the drivers themselves.

• Political prisoners support truckers’ nationwide strike

May 30, 2018 – A group of political prisoners from across the country, currently exiled in Ardabil in the country’s northwest regions, have issued a strong letter of support expressing their solidarity with thousands of truck drivers on a general strike in over 270 cities in all of Iran’s 31 provinces.

“The truck drivers have been steadfast regarding their demands for the past eight days… We, the exiled political prisoners of Ardabil Central Prison, support the truckers’ strike and protests against injustice and cruelty.

• Iranian regime’s MPs acknowledge alarming poverty & food shortage crisis

Two members of the Iranian regime’s so-called parliament have recently raised alarm bells regarding food shortages in four of the country’s provinces. 75 percent of Sistan & Baluchistan Province in southeast Iran are living in poverty, especially food shortages.

“Sistan & Baluchistan Province ranks very low regarding development and unjust wealth distribution, and unfortunately due to the lack of natural resources and an 18-year drought, the province is facing an enormous food shortage. This is why villagers have migrated to the outskirts of cities such as Zabol, Zahedan and Chabahar,” he said.

• 500 women held in prisons for undeliberate crimes

Some 500 women (out of a total 6,500 female prisoners) are detained throughout Iran for undeliberate crimes.

The National Diyeh (Compensations) Headquarters announced the above and added, “These 500 women prisoners have committed undeliberate crimes. 70 per cent of them are heads of households and have children. Their numbers have increased several folds over the past year, increasing from 100 in 2016 to around 500 in 2017.