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Iran News in Brief – December 1, 2021



IRGC Fires At Hardworking Freight Carriers, Killing One and Wounding Another

FILE PHOTO; kulbar

On Tuesday evening, December 30, a ‘kulbar’ (freight carrier) was killed and another was wounded by the Revolutionary Guards at the border heights of Chuman, Kurdistan Province. According to local sources, Adel Alipour, son of Ali from the village of “Sarsol” in the Baneh district, was shot dead and Yassin Aminpour, a resident of the same village, was seriously injured.

Victims of the Iranian regime’s corruption, unemployment, and systemic discrimination, ‘kulbars’ are porters who haul goods on their back across the borders of Iran over long distances to be able to feed their families.


Severe Air Pollution in 11 Iranian Cities


Schools in Tehran were closed on Wednesday due to severe air pollution. The density of air pollution in 20 districts of Tehran was announced high and unhealthy for all age groups. The air quality in Mashhad, where schools were closed on Tuesday, was also reported as very poor.

According to local reports, the air in the cities of Isfahan, Ahvaz, Kerman, Urmia, Arak, Bukan, Pol Dokhtar, Susangerd, and Bojnourd was also highly polluted. In Qasre Shirin, air pollution crossed the red bar and reached the index of 208, and was very unhealthy.

A state official at the Ministry of Health said: “The health of the people is in danger, and unfortunately… no decision has been made to reduce the sources of emissions and reduce the exposure of the people to air pollution.”

“With these conditions, we will have a significant increase in heart and lung diseases in society, as well as an increase in the premature death of these patients and the elderly and a significant increase in the symptoms of respiratory diseases in the entire population,” he warned.

In Vienna, Iranians Call for Regime Change

تظاهرات ایرانیان آزاده و حامیان مقاومت در مقابل محل مذاکرات اتمی در وین

تظاهرات ایرانیان آزاده و حامیان مقاومت در وین

In Vienna, right in front of the Coburg Hotel, where the Iranian regime is bargaining about its nuclear program with the world powers, Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance called on the international community to condemn the Iranian regime’s gross human rights violations and its terrorism across the world. According to the demonstrators, without addressing these issues, nuclear talks with Tehran will lead to nowhere and the only solution for a nuclear-free future for the country is Iran without the clerical dictatorship.


No Sanctions Will Ever Be Lifted, Newspaper Projects


The state-run newspaper ‘Iran’ wrote in a column today: “Since Biden took office, instead of lifting or suspending Trump-era sanctions, four more sanctions have been imposed by the State Department and the Treasury Department against Iran.”

“In terms of sanctions and the belief in the need to put maximum pressure on Iran, Biden and Trump are no different. But Biden, unlike Trump, believes in partnering and involving US allies in the equation and, like the Obama administration, it believes in concerted action based on consensus. Internationally, it can increase the political pressure of sanctions and, consequently, the impact of sanctions on the target country,” the daily added.

Concluding that the regime has to circumvent sanctions, the newspaper concludes: “It can be said that the United States, whether democratic or Republican, will use its sanctions to put pressure on Iran. So lifting the embargo will never really happen.”


The Regime Fears That Giving in To People’s Demands Will Eventually Lead to Its Overthrow, Newspaper Admits

In a column published by the state-run newspaper Mostaghel, the author writes: “As Ahmad Zeidabadi, a political analyst wrote in a piece that was published by Etemad daily, ‘we can’t reassure the people by stopping the rapid growth of prices or the rapid elimination of other economic problems. Therefore, we must obtain public satisfaction through addressing political, social and cultural demands in order to leave room for economic resilience’. This is a piece of advice that I gave Ebrahim Raisi at the very beginning [of his tenure], but apparently, it has not been heeded.”

Mentioning some socio-political concessions that the government should provide in order to avoid public outrage and protests, the author refers to a historic experience that revealed the mindset of the current rulers in Tehran and why they refuse to ease some of their pressures on society.

“Ms. Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani recently quoted her late father at a Club House session as saying that during the events of the 2009 elections, when her father was in negotiations with high-ranking officials, asked for some intensives for the people in order to achieve national reconciliation, he was told that we [the Islamic Republic] will not make the same mistake as the Shah. They told him that if we [the state] would try to appease the people, then we must retreat every day and finally let go of the country,” Mostaghel disclosed.


Infographic-PMOI-MEK reports over 483,200 coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths in Iran-min

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Tehran’s Bullying Tactics in Iran Nuclear Talks Are a Cover for Its Own Weakness

Iran’s regime is raising the stakes before nuclear talks in Vienna

After a five-month hiatus, a delegation from the Iranian regime returned to Vienna to resume talks over its nuclear program representatives from the UK, France, Germany, China, Russia, and the European Union. The United States is also taking part in the talks indirectly. This is the first set of nuclear negotiations being led by the government of Ebrahim Raisi. Even before the talks started, Iranian officials have been setting very strict conditions, including the lifting of all sanctions imposed on the regime after the 2015 nuclear deal, including non-nuclear sanctions related to the regime’s human rights abuses and terrorist activities.

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Iranian Regime Security Forces Use Lethal Pellets Against Isfahan Protesters

Iranian security forces use lethal pellets against Isfahan protesters—Iran news

During Friday’s demonstrations(November 26, 2021) in Isfahan, security forces directly fired teargas and pellet guns at protesting farmers. Every bullet sprays a mass of steel pellets directly at the target. The steel pellets were shot at faces, heads, and torsos.
Hundreds were injured. Several have permanently lost eyesight. Dozens are still hospitalized in prisons.

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Iran Government’s Miscalculation About Isfahan Protests

In several ways, the protests in Isfahan in recent days differ from the previous protests of Iran. First, the Iranian regime could predict that the protests would expand, especially because they took place in one of Iran’s large and main metropoles, therefore they were able to get ready to confront the protests and repress the people from the beginning of the gathering, but the situation created after November 2019 prevented the regime from such a course of action.

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Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence Resumes Summoning and Re-arresting Nov. 2019 Protesters

Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence has resumed summoning and re-arresting protesters detained during the November 2019 #Iranprotests. Reza Ramezan Zadeh is among those whom Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence interrogated and threatened to re-arrest. The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has resumed summoning and re-arresting protesters detained during the November 2019 Iran protests.

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Tehran Court Threatens Parastoo Moini and Three Other Political Prisoners

The 27th Branch of the Revolutionary Court of Tehran summoned Parastoo Mo’ini and three other political prisoners. The court summoned Parastoo Mo’ini and examined her charges in the absence of her lawyer on November 24, 2021. The court tried Ms. Mo’ini for sending out a message in June, calling for the boycott of the regime’s sham presidential election. The presiding judge, Afshari, threatened to extend Parastoo’s prison term and send her to exile.

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