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Iran News in Brief – November 30, 2021



No Hopes For The Toman To Bounce Back, State-run Website Admits


The state-run Tejarat News wrote today: “While many had hoped that the dollar price would drop as soon as negotiations began but practically they did not. The drivers of the price of the dollar are no longer political, rather the dollar is fluctuating with economic indicators, including inflation. People have no hope for recovery and the revival of the nuclear deal, or they think that political developments will not happen soon enough and that the price of the dollar will not drop either.”


Tuesday Protests in Iran

On Tuesday, workers of Chenareh Mineral Supply Company in Andimeshk city refused to go to work for the third consecutive day and gathered in front of the company’s office building.

سومین روز از اعتصاب کارگران شرکت چناره

Workers of Ahajin, Zohal, Noavaran, and Mobin companies working in the Sungun Varzeqan copper complex rallied again from 1 to 3 pm on the company’s premises to call on the authorities to fulfill their demands about wages and fair employment terms.

تجمع اعتراضی کارگران مجتمع مس سونگون ورزقان

A group of farmers in the villages of Ramshir County held a protest rally, protesting the water shortages ahead of their autumn cultivation.

تجمع اعتراضی کشاورزان رامشیر به‌دلیل قطع آب کشاورزی

Clients who fell victims to a fraudulent scandal by Azico Company held their 49th protest rally on Tuesday, November 30.

چهل ونهمین تجمع اعتراضی غارت‌شدگان آذویکو-۹آذر۱۴۰۰

As previously planned, scammed clients of the Caspian Financial Institution were scheduled to hold a protest rally in front of the regime’s judiciary building in Tehran on Tuesday, November 30. As the regime’s riot police prevented their gathering, the protestors rallied and held banners and placards in the street in front of the courthouse.

تجمع اعتراضی غارت‌شدگان کاسپین در تهران

On Tuesday, for the third consecutive day, the families of children with SMA gathered in front of the regime’s parliament with placards against the officials’ refusal to import drugs that are vital for their loved ones.

Today, teachers in more than 240 schools in Shiraz and Firoozabad, Fars Province, suspended classes and staged sit-ins to protest the officials’ refusal to address their demands.

On Monday, November 29, about 400 contract workers at Apadana Petrochemical Company left their workplace and resumed their strike, to protest the employers’ failure to hold their promises.

During the nationwide strike in Iran’s oil industry, these workers had previously returned to work following the contractors’ vows to accept their demands, e.g increasing their wages and adding to their off-duty days to enable them to travel back home.


New Strike in Isfahan Province for the Release of Those Arrested

هشدار و تحصن کشاورزان خوراسگان اصفهان و خواستار آزادی دستگیر شدگان روز جمعه

Since Monday, November 29, farmers in Khorasgan City, Isfahan Province, went on strike, demanding the release of those arrested during the Isfahan uprising last Friday.


Former Official Slams Security Forces for Brutal Crackdown on Peaceful Protests in Isfahan

In an article for the state-run Hamdeli daily, Mahmoud Hosseini, the former governor of Isfahan, wrote: “Generally speaking, using violence to quell demonstrations or riots usually has the opposite effect. It will have dire consequences. Basically, the question begs whether there is any other way for law enforcement and security agencies to deal with these riots and protests — which were quite calm actually— other than resorting to physical clashes, using pellet guns, and leaving a significant number of casualties?”

“Physical confrontation and attacking protesters will have bitter repercussions. This kind of treatment towards the protesters was a huge mistake that will cost Isfahan dearly,” Hosseini warned.

The Judiciary Has Less Than 10% Public Approval Rating, MP Says

Ahmadi Bighash, MP of Iranian regime's parliament

During his speech in the Iranian regime’s parliament today, Mahmoud Ahmadibighash, an MP said: “Today, people have a problem with the courts, the judiciary, and its branches… People are frustrated with the judiciary, many judges feel like they are superior to the people and insult them.”

“Let’s conduct a poll from the people. I doubt that even 10% of the people are happy with the judiciary. The judiciary is not accountable to the parliament… We’re telling you to stop disrespecting people. No one is asking you to change the rules. We are asking you to talk to the people correctly,” he added.

While addressing the parliament’s speaker directly, Ahmadibighash was continuing to say about the judiciary’s disrespectful demeanor but his microphone was cut off.


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The 1988 Massacre Can’t Be Erased

After weeks of hearing the testimonies of witnesses and plaintiffs, the Swedish court that has been trying Hamid Noury, a regime official that has been involved in crimes against humanity, gave the defendant the chance to explain his side of the story.

Noury had four days to defend his case. But in four days, his attempts to vindicate himself only highlighted the scale of the atrocities committed in Iran’s prisons and the need to hold Iranian officials to account for their crimes.

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Nepotism in Iran’s Political System – Report

In today’s competitive world where expertise, innovations, breakthroughs, and efficiency are commodities that the majority of the countries around the world are investing heavily in, in order to gain the upper hand and, at times, offer beyond and above incentives to land the top brains of the world on their lands, the authorities in Iran are rushing in hiring their relatives in lucrative government positions, regardless of their knowledge, expertise and cost. In fact, nepotism in Iran is not a new phenomenon and has been a common practice right from the beginning of the Islamic Republic’s reign. In the Iranian political fabric and formation, family members of ruling elites always play important roles and are considered above and beyond.

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Iran Government’s Annihilation: Massoud Rastegar, Judo Champion Works As Street Vendor

Iran’s state-run media has recently published the story of the miserable life of one of Iran’s best athletes. The story of a deaf judoka of the country’s national team who had won the bronze medal in the Paralympics competitions in 2017 in Turkey.

This national hero Masoud Rastegar is now working as a street vendor in Kermanshah. From daily earning work to garbage collecting, he has done everything to support himself and his family. Seeing this situation and being frustrated at not being able to help the people around him brought him to stop his athletic work and work as a street vendor.

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Iranian Regime Terrorists Appeals Awaiting Verdict

In an attempt to escape accountability for the plot to bomb the Iranian Resistance rally in France in 2018, three of the four co-conspirators set out to appeal their convictions last week at a court in Belgium. Iranian/Belgian Dual Citizenship holders Amir Saadouni, Nasimeh Naami and Mehrdad Arefani were each sentenced to between 15 and 20 years in prison for their roles in the plot to detonate a deadly triacetone triperoxide (TATP) bomb at the rally.

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