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Iran News in Brief – November 29, 2021




Iranians in Washington DC and Bucharest Support Their Fellow Countrymen And Women in Iran

Iranians and supporters of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MEK/PMOI) held two separate rallies in Washington, DC, and Bucharest, Romania. The demonstrators in Washington, gathered in front of the White House on Sunday, expressing their support for peaceful protests in Isfahan and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari that were brutally cracked down by the Tehran regime’s repressive forces.

تجمع ایرانیان آزاده در واشنگتن در همبستگی با قیام اصفهان

Washington D.C.

ایرانیان آزاده و هواداران مقاومت  در بخارست

Romania, Bucharest


Calls For Justice in Sweden and Albania

تظاهرات ایرانیان آزاده در سوئد همزمان با چهارمین جلسه بازپرسی از دژخیم حمید نوری 8آذر

Today, the fourth session of Hamid Noury’s hearing took place in Stockholm court, and simultaneously with his trial, Iranians and supporters of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MEK/PMOI) held a rally outside the court and called for justice against the Iranian regime’s leaders.

In Ashraf 3, Albania, members of the MEK held a gathering and commemorated the victims of the 1988 massacre and vowed to continue their path until their cause, bringing freedom and democracy to Iran, has been accomplished.



The Time For Popular Protests Has Come, Former Official Warns


In an interview with the state-run website Ruydad24, Jahanbakhsh Mohebbinia, a former member of the Iranian regime’s parliament said: “Governments that go to war against popular protests will fail… Whether we like it or not, the time of protests has begun. But when protests are not answered logically and correctly, they will lead to a national threat.”

“Protests will eventually merge, and if they unite, our national security will not be able to tolerate this kind of synergy at all,” Mohebbinia warned.


Amid New Round of Nuclear Talks in Vienna, State-run Newspaper Warns Raisi About Playing Games


The state-run Hamdeli daily wrote: “The large delegation of representatives of the thirteenth administration, who are practically some simple messengers, led to the occupation of the expensive rooms of the Coburg Hotel in Vienna. As in the past, they would do nothing but to convey the views of the state, and this apparent uproar will be nothing more than noisy propaganda.”

Hamdeli added: “The slightest magnitude of political knowledge, as well as the necessity of avoiding illusions and self-aggrandizement, dictated by some think tanks made clear that without reaching a significant agreement in the talks, economic doors will remain virtually closed on Iran. Without resolving the issue of the JCPOA and opening the way for international relations such as Swift and FATF, even neighboring countries are not willing to establish full and straightforward relations with Iran. They are using the opportunity to increase their competitive distance with Iran. In this way, being pleased with the slightest help from China and Russia is like being a child who gives himself up to an opportunistic kidnapper striving for the sweet taste of a little candy.”

The state-run newspaper warned: “Over the past few months, Raisi has shown that he does not shy away from repeating the populist games of previous governments, such as Ahmadinejad’s administration. But there is little room to continue with these games.”


Monday Protests in Iran


Since this morning, retired personnel of Homa Iran Airlines held a rally in front of the Pension Fund in Tehran protesting the authorities’ refusal to pay their pension.

On the tenth consecutive day of their strike, dismissed and seasonal workers of Haft Tappeh Factory started a protest rally today. The protesters demand their return to work, job security, fair contracts, formal employment, and the stop of discrimination in employment.

تجمع  اعتراضی مالباختگان شبکه‌ی رمز ارز «کینگ مانی»

Scammed clients of “King Money”, a cryptocurrency network, held a rally in Mashhad and protested against the officials’ refusal to address their complaints.



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MEK Resistance Units Support Isfahan Protests Across Iran


As the farmers continued their protests for rights to water, they have gained support across Iran. Resistance Units, the network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) carried out activities in support of the protesters in Isfahan and in condemnation of the regime’s violent suppression of their just demand.

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Iran: The Gunslinger Cabinet of the Hanging Judge


A gunslinger cabinet is a cabinet where all its members stem from the military. At present, the Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi has chosen most of his cabinet and the key positions from the members of the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), and these people are choosing from their relatives for the government’s other positions.

Meanwhile, the people of Iran describe Raisi’s government as one of death and gunslingers. Usually, in any democratic country, the government chooses the members of its cabinet from experts and specialists with high education so that they help the progression of the country and provide and best services to the people.

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Iran: Hundreds Injured, Arrested in Isfahan Protests

Hundreds injured, arrested in Isfahan protests—Iran news

Iranian security forces have injured more than 100 protesters during protests in Isfahan on Friday, November 26, 2021. At least 300 others were arrested, according to MEK sources. Video clips show the repressive forces opening fire on the demonstrators near the Khajoo Bridge in Isfahan. Many of the wounded have been shot in the face and eyes. However, clashes between the people of Isfahan and the repressive forces continued until late into the night in different parts of the city.

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UK Prime Minister and British Officials Attend Funeral of Sir David Amess

The funeral of Sir David Amess, the late Chair of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom(BCFIF), took place on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, in the presence of the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson along with the Home Secretary, Parliament Speaker, and Sir Amess family. In addition, approximately 450 political figures and members of parliament attended this funeral. The celebrant was Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the highest-ranking Catholic leader in London.

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