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Iran News in Brief – June 21, 2022

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Heat Wave in Khuzestan Amid Severe Water Shortages

According to the state-run IRIB news agency, the director-general of Khuzestan Meteorology said: “Today’s temperature in Abadan, Omidieh, and Ahvaz agricultural stations reached 50 degrees Celsius.”

Mohammad Sabzehzari added: “The temperature of 49 degrees was also recorded in Aghajari, Ahvaz, Bostan, Shush, and Mahshahr. Today, the coolest point in Khuzestan province has been the city of Dehdez at 38 degrees Celsius.”

In July 2021, due to severe water shortages caused by the Iranian regime’s misconduct in handling the environment and the IRGC monopoly over Iran’s water resources, a wave of uprisings started in the once water-rich Khuzestan province and spread to other provinces.

Despite temporary measures taken, the province is still suffering from water shortages and state media are warning of social discontent.


Khamenei Slams State Media and Officials for Criticizing his Regime

On June 12, in a speech that was conducted for a handpicked crowd that was called “tribal leaders and Nomadic people” by the regime’s Supreme Leader’s official website, Ali Khamenei cautioned state media and officials against exposure and criticism.

The text that was published by Khamenei’s website today, reads: “Today, we need cultural work more than anything else in all parts of the Iranian nation, including the nomads. The enemy of the Iranian nation, the enemy of Islam, the enemy of the country, the enemy of the Islamic Republic, relies on soft war today.”

“They (the enemy) are making plans for this,” Khamenei added. “On the internet and sometimes in our own official media, they promote these ideas so as to cause the people to come to the conclusion that all paths lead to a dead-end, that all paths are wrong, and that the officials and managers in the country do not know how to run the country.”

Warning state officials and state media about exposing his regime’s corruption and atrocities, he said: “For example, the Police Force of the country arrests a number of thieves in the space of 48 hours. Well, they should be applauded for that. In our own national media, they speak as if they should be blamed instead of being applauded. Of course, this is not done on purpose. It is evident that they do not do this intentionally. This is due to their negligence, but it is to the advantage of the enemy. Anyone who undermines the people’s hope in the future is working for the enemy, whether they do this knowingly or unknowingly. Anyone who undermines the people’s faith is working to the advantage of the enemy, whether they do this knowingly or unknowingly. Anyone who causes the people to lose their belief in the actions, efforts, and plans of the officials of the country and causes them to become pessimistic is working to the advantage of the enemy, whether they do this knowingly or unknowingly.”

In recent months, wary of nationwide protests and uprisings, many state officials and state-run media are whether blaming each other for the never-ending misery or they are expressing concerns about the increasing socio-economic hardships of ordinary people to dodge responsibility and divert public disgust from themselves.


Iran’s Regime Executed Another Political Prisoner

The Iranian regime’s Judiciary executed the political prisoner, Firooz Musa Lou in Urmia Prison at dawn on Monday, June 20. Firooz had previously been sentenced to death by the regime’s court on charges of ‘moharebeh’ (waging war against God) for membership in a dissident organization and had been notified of his sentence in prison.

Firooz Musa Lou was arrested by the IRGC intelligence unit on July 11, 2019, and he was sent directly for interrogation.

Due to poverty, Firooz was forced to learn carpet weaving at the age of six and started working early on. As a child, he worked hard to support his family. Due to deprivation, poverty, and discrimination, he was only able to learn to read and write in prison.


Khamenei’s Own Ranks Are Warning of Iran’s Troubling Circumstances

Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the mullahs ruling Iran, by appointing Ebrahim Raisi as president of his regime, sought to silence and intimidate the country’s restive society and, considering the people’s poor economic conditions, have Raisi provide hollow promises to surpass Iran’s social crises at least for a short period. It has been a year since Khamenei had Raisi selected as the regime president. Iran’s society has not been quelled and, on the contrary, the number of protests has increased since Raisi became the regime’s president.

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Iran Protests Sign of Positive Change

On May 16, the Iran-based newspaper Etemaad Daily reported that 72 million people in Iran needed subsidies. These staggering numbers are observed in a country that is known to possess a vast amount of natural resources, including energy products and by-products. Since the inception of the regime of terror in Tehran, the country has traveled on the roads of demise, despair, high inflation, employment, terrorism, torture, execution, and injustice among other things.

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Catastrophic Effects of Banknote Printing on Iran’s Economy


Despite the skyrocketing prices, high unemployment, and the constant shrinking of the people’s food baskets in Iran, the authorities persistently claim that the country’s economy is in good condition. They lay all the blame for the country’s financial dilemmas on the U.S. sanctions. In reality, none of these claims are accurate!

A glance at the country’s current situation shows that the economic crises have originated from the mismanagement and systematic corruption by the Iranian regime. Printing unsupported banknotes have become a routine in the regime’s day-to-day activities to fund their malign activities and ensure their survival.

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Ten Iranian Teachers Go On Hunger Strike Protesting Continued Detention

en detained teachers, who have been held in Saqez Central Prison since June 15, started a hunger strike on Sunday in protest of their continued illegal detention and the authorities’ failure in processing their cases.

According to the Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association, the striking teachers are, Khaled Abdollahi, Soleiman Abdi, Ahmad Ghaderi, Amanj Amini, Zahed Moradi, Esmail Reihani, Hessam Khakpour, Taher Hamedi, Mohsen Shokuhi, and Hassan Rahimian.

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Freedom-Loving Iranians, MEK Supporters Rallies in Canada, Germany, Norway, and Luxembourg Against the Mullahs’ Regime – June 18, 2022

MEK Supporters Rallies in Canada, Germany, Norway, & Luxembourg Against the Mullahs’ Regime -June 18

Freedom-Loving Iranians and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) rallied in Canada, Germany, Norway, and Luxembourg against the mullahs’ regime. The rallies took place on Saturday, June 18, in Ottawa, Toronto, Hamburg, and Luxembourg.

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