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Iran News in Brief – March 28, 2022




Tehran-backed Militants’ Attack on Saudi Arabia Triggered Outrage in Lebanon

According to the Sharq al-Awsat newspaper, the attacks on Saudi oil facilities have caused widespread condemnation by Lebanese politicians that oppose the Iranian regime’s influence in the Middle East region.

Sheikh Abdul Latif Daryan, Lebanon’s Grand Mufti, condemned the attack on Saudi Arabia and the targeting of oil facilities in northern Jeddah. The Lebanese Movement for the Future also issued a statement condemning Iranian-backed Houthis for attacking Saudi Arabia, targeting oil and vital facilities and civilian areas.

Lebanese Minister of Interior and Municipalities Bassam Mawlawi tweeted: “Attacking Saudi security is” an obvious terrorist act aimed at Arab legitimacy.”

Former General Director of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces Ashraf Rifi also said: “Targeting Saudi Arabia by Iran is not a threat to the kingdom, but a threat to the entire region.”

Mustafa al-Alloush, a former member of parliament, stressed his solidarity with Saudi Arabia and its people in the fight against Houthi terrorism, which is financially supported and led by the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.


Iran: Educating the Young Generation, Khamenei’s Last Priority


In most countries around the world, governments pay special attention to the education system and contribute short and long-term programs to ensure that their education system benefits from all the latest educational, technological, and scientific resources.

In these countries, the educational system is responsible for the education of the country’s next generation, the children and youths who will eventually take control over the country and lead future generations.

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Father Beats Daughter to Death for ‘Honor’ in Southern Iran


A woman was beaten to death by her father because she wanted to get a divorce for the second time. The woman identified as 20-year-old Zinat Mazidi died after being beaten with an iron bar suffering multiple blows to the head. She was from a village in Fars Province. A photo of a poster announcing a memorial ceremony for Zinat Mazidi on Monday, the 3rd day of her death, has been shared on social media. Violence against women is considered one of the most flagrant violations of human rights globally.

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Security Services Order Illegal Detention of Khadijeh Seifpanahi at Home


The Iranian regime’s security services ordered the illegal detention of Khadijeh Seifpanahi and her son Khaled at home. The illegal detention of the elderly mother and son has continued for eight days now, since March 19, 2022. The security services have threatened Mrs. Seifpanahi and her son and told them not to leave home until further notice, particularly to participate in the special Nowruz ceremony. Khadijeh Seifpanahi is the mother of Hamed Seifpanahi, who was killed by security forces in an armed clash in Sanandaj in July 2017.

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A Middle East Geopolitical Realignment Accelerates to Confront and Contain Iran


New diplomatic and security ties are reshaping the Middle East as former enemies seek unity in containing Iran, the U.S. rethinks its security role in the region, and Russia and China seek to exploit openings left by Washington.

A historic summit starting Sunday in Sde Boker, Israel, illustrates the changing alignments, bringing Arab, Israeli, and U.S. officials together for the first time on Israeli soil for talks on expanding their budding partnership.

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