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Iran News in Brief – May 13, 2022

A street in Shahr-e Kord, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Southwestern Iran



Protests and Riots Continue in Iran

Today, reports from inside Iran are indicating popular riots in provinces like Lorestan, Ardabil, as well as Charmahal and Bakhtiari in protest of the soaring prices of food staples. Images also show security forces being on high alert, trying to avoid getting things out of control or interfering and clashing with the public on several occasions.

خرم‌آباد - جمعه ۲۳اردیبهشت، شکل‌گیری اعتراض علیه گرانی

Khorramabad, Lorestan Province, Southwest Iran

ماسور - ۲۳اردیبهشت - جوانان ماسور لرستان جاده را با سطلهای زباله مسدود می‌کنند

Masur, Lorestan Province, Southwest Iran

چلیچه در چهارمحال و بختیاری - ۲۳اردیبهشت - تصاویر منتشر شده

Chelicheh, Charmahal and Bakhtiari, Southwest Iran

According to the footage received from Ardabil, the brave youth protested the high prices and clashed with the security forces of this city.

Ardabil, Ardabil Province, Northwestern Iran

اردبیل ۲۳اردیبهشت - حمله مأموران سرکوبگر انتظامی به مردمی که علیه گرانی به اعتراض برخاستند

Ardabil, Ardabil Province, Northwestern Iran

According to the state-run Tasnim news agency on May 12, the head of the ‘Asiab’ checkpoint in Ahvaz, Khuzestan province was shot dead by unknown individuals on Thursday.

His name was Moslem Taghizadeh and he was notorious for harassing and interrogating people on the spot.



IRGC Shoots Four Kurdish Locals in Mariwan

Four residents of Mariwan in Kurdistan province were wounded by direct fire from IRGC forces at the Dolahbi border.

The IRGC forces targeted the shepherds under the pretext of smuggling livestock. After injuring the four, the IRGC confiscated their belongings and took them away. The theft of livestock from Kurdish villagers and businessmen by criminal border guards under the pretext of smuggling livestock has a long history in this region.

Basij Chief Declares His Efforts to Be Countering the MEK

Explaining the latest urban wargames in the Khorasan Razavi province, Head of the Basij Organization Gholamreza Soleimani said: “The enemies are trying to discourage the Iranian nation from the path of exaltation, gaining dignity, progress and restoring greatness, and in this way, they are using the leverage of the media and cyberspace, to spread lies.”

“The source of these lies is in the camp of the hypocrites in Albania,” Soleimani added. “They are receiving money from the dominant powers, and they have become mercenaries to publish fake news and they are trying to disappoint the Iranian nation.”

The ‘Hypocrites’ is the regime’s pejorative term for the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MEK/PMOI).

Soleimani also stated: “Our wargames will end the deceitful efforts of the hypocrites who stood by the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran from day one. They have been giving false information to the dominant powers who in turn waged economic terrorism against the Iranian nation.”

State-affiliated Cleric Declares Khamenei’s Initiative as Futile

File photo of Mohammad Javad Nezafat during a TV interview

Mohammad Javad Nezafat who teaches at the Iranian regime’s seminary in Mashhad, told the local Razavi TV: “The leader has stressed on ‘Jihad of Clarification’. But who wants to do the ‘Jihad of Clarification’? Is someone unpopular supposed to do the clarification? His clarification will backfire. First, you have to prove yourself. You must become popular. You must gain trust so that your clarification would make sense. Otherwise, whatever you explain, when people see the things differently, they will translate your clarification differently too.”

“Now, I believe that foundations of the ‘Jihad of Clarification’ are not available,” Nezafat added. “A group of people has become pessimistic, and whatever you do, they won’t read your book. They don’t watch your movie. The moment they find out it’s you, they’ll pass.”


Local Prosecutor Ties Arrested Teachers to State Enemies

Following the arrest of a number of teachers who had rallied and protested on May 12, a local official has tied them to “counter-revolutionary enemies”.

In a statement that was published by the state-run Hamshahri Online today, Ali Malek Hosseini, the state prosecutor of the city of Yasuj, claimed that “according to reliable information, a network of hostile and counter-revolutionary enemies, were trying to disrupt and besmirch the initial efforts of the government to incite the people to street protests and riots. But due to the vigilance of the security services, a network was identified in the province and arrested.”

Extremist MP Warns the Government over Unleashed Prices

In an interview with the state TV, while expressing support for the government and Ebrahim Raisi, a member of the Iranian regime’s parliament Javad Nikbin warned that if the prices remain out of control, it might cause unrest and tumult.

Responding to the host about how the crisis might have been prevented, he said: “If the government would have issued coupons, then all Iranians would have meat on their table. No one would come to stop the MPs and tell them that their children haven’t seen meat in six months. With coupons, the inflation wouldn’t be like this.”

Nikbin warned: “Look at Chile. Their government let loose control over prices and ruined people’s lives. Look at the history of floating prices in different countries. If the management fails, bad things will happen in the country.”

Prior to becoming an MP, Javad Nikbin was an active member of the paramilitary Basij Force who had been intimidating and harassing people on the streets.


Maryam Rajavi Urges the United Nations To Take Immediate Action to Release Imprisoned Teachers

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, despite the repressive measures, teachers and educators protested in at least 35 cities across Iran against the non-fulfillment of their legitimate demands, including ranking and leveling pensions, as well as the arrest of a large number of teachers.

Rallies and demonstrations took place in 20 provinces, outside the regime’s parliament in Tehran and the education departments in other cities. This was the second nationwide demonstration by teachers and educators in May.

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Iran: Protests Erupt in Dezful, Continue Across Khuzestan Over Rising Prices

Intense protests continue in Khuzestan over economic grievances

People in the city of Dezful in Khuzestan province of southwest Iran took to the streets on Wednesday night local time protesting rising inflation and skyrocketing prices of basic goods, including even bread. Their rallies included marching in the streets, blocking roads by setting tires on fire, and chanting slogans, specifically targeting senior regime officials.

Regime authorities have reacted harshly by dispatching security and anti-riot units to the streets and disrupting internet access in various cities.

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Teachers’ Demonstrations in 38 Cities in 20 Iranian Provinces

Teachers’ demonstrations in 38 cities in 20 Iranian provinces. Teachers held demonstrations in 20 provinces and at least 38 Iranian cities despite the clerical regime’s strict security measures.
On Thursday, May 12, 2022, Iranian teachers and educators took to the streets to protest the non-fulfillment of their demands, including ranking and adjusting their pensions. Another demand in the teachers’ demonstrations was the release of imprisoned teachers.
The demonstrations took place in front of the parliament in Tehran and in front of education departments in other cities.

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Protesters Chant Against Khamenei, Raisi in Anti-government Protests in Dezful, SW Iran

Anti-government protests against Raisi and Khamenei is Dezful SW #Iran

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